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Macros, tips, and templates for Corel® WordPerfect® for Windows®
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Page published Aug 12, 2011
(revised Nov 14, 2021)

WordPerfect Tips
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Need to create custom inserts for CD "jewel" boxes?

WordPerfect 9 has a project template for this, but if your version does not, here's the procedure.

Also, if you use Avery CD/DVD printable labels on the CDs, here's a way to format them.

Creating an insert for a CD/DVD box


WordPerfect 9 (c. 1999) and later versions contain a template for the CD/DVD insert.

For example, WordPerfect 2020 has two of them:

Click on File, New from Project, Creative Projects (drop list).
Then choose CD Case (basic) or CD Cover (allows printing on the spine).

However, the next 6-step section (first published for WordPerfect 8 [c.1997] and earlier versions) describes how to manually create a CD/DVD box insert.

To print on Avery CD labels, see the second section below.

[1] Open a new document. Format the page to 8.5" x 11" in Landscape orientation.

[2] Immediately set the left and right page margins to 0.5".

[3] Next, create Watermark A with Insert, Watermark, Watermark A, Create.

[4] Inside the watermark create a 2-column, 1-row table (Insert, Table ... or just click Table, Create in later versions of WordPerfect).

Set each column to 4.75" wide and the row width to a fixed size of 4.75".

Set the cell and table borders to a dotted line style.. (You can right-click inside a cell and choose Border/Fill. You could also lighten the color of the cell lines, if desired.)

The table should not have a border, just barely visible cell lines.

[5] Exit (i.e., close) the watermark window with the Close button on the property bar (or use File, Close) to get back to the main document window.

You can print the page to see the "template" marks. Note that the center table line is the fold line, and the outside table border lines are where you will cut the insert with scissors.

You now can enter your descriptive text using new margins, multiple columns, or text boxes. The idea is to place your body text directly "on top of" the underlying dotted-line watermark. Print the result, cut along the outside dotted lines, fold the insert on the center line, and place it in the front flap of a CD jewel box.

[6] To create the rear insert for the CD box:

Either create it in a new document window or enter a Hard Page break to create a new page (with the latter method, be sure to discontinue Watermark A on the second page so that Watermark A does not print of it.)

Then create Watermark B on this second page, using a 3-column, 1-row table (centered on the page), with column 1 and 3 equal to 0.25" and the center column equal to 5.38".

Set the row width to a fixed width of 4.63".

Add dotted cell lines as above, exit the watermark, and then add your text in the document on top of the rear insert watermark.

Note that you can use the narrow cells (columns 1 and 3) in Watermark B as the front and back "spines" of the rear insert. These can be seen on screen while you are in the main document, and used as location "markers" to add narrow text boxes in the document itself (anchor the boxes to the page so they won't move, rotating their contents appropriately).

Printing Avery® CD ROM stick-on labels in WordPerfect


While the following instructions can guide you through creating labels for CDs and DVDs, you may want to learn about the conditions that can affect the longevity of the media itself and the conditions that affect retrieval of the data on them.

Here are some sites that seem particularly useful:

Personally, I do not use paper labels on any CD or DVD.

[1] Go to Format in WordPerfect 7 or later version.

[2] Click on Margins and make the following margin settings:

Top 0.6"
Bottom 0.6"
Left 2.0"
Right 2.0"

[3] Click on OK.

[4] Click on Insert|Table|Create and create a table with 1 Column and 3 Rows. Click OK.

[5] Put cursor in first row and right-click, then click on Format.

[6] Click on Row, Multiple Lines, Fixed height at 4.5". Then click OK.

[7] Put your cursor in the second row and right-click; click on Multiple Lines, Fixed at 0.75". Then Click OK.

[8] Put your cursor in the third row and right-click; click on Multiple Lines, Fixed at 4.5" then Click OK.

[9] Your labels are complete. Click in the first box and format the way you want. You could use text boxes (anchored to the Page) to group your label information so that it does not print either outside the CD label or inside the CD label's center hole. (Before you fill these text boxes, you may want to save the page as a template in your template dirtectory.)

[10] Print out on plain paper and hold up to see if they align. Once the labels line up, print on label sheets.