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Macros, tips, and templates for Corel® WordPerfect® for Windows®
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Page updated May 28, 2019

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► The email address in the box below is only for -

[1] problems with items on this website
[It will be very helpful if reports include specific details about the item and the page where you found it (you can copy the page's address from the address bar on your browser and paste it into an email)]

or -

[2] your suggestions for enhancements, new macros, or tips that might be useful to other users.

If your email does not fit into either of these categories I am very unlikely to respond to it.

[Sorry, but my time and energy are limited. See below for other resources.]


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► For help with the WordPerfect program or finding additional WordPerfect resources see the following paragraphs.

• Please be aware this website is not a WordPerfect "Help Desk" nor is it affliated with Corel.

Its purpose is to offer you some free tools and tips for WordPerfect and not to solicit or earn compensation of any kind. You might notice there are no advertisements or pop ups. (I don't like them, either.)

This site is supported solely by voluntary donations. All donations, regardless of their size, are greatly appreciated. They help me keep this site alive.

Please be aware that donations should be made without any expectation of, or reimbursement for, any action on my part -- or they would not be donations!

• This entire site is searchable from a small search field you will see at the top of the major pages (Home, Tips, Library, etc.). This uses Google's search engine.

You can also use Google's advanced search directly to search just this site: Enter your search terms in Google and then follow the items with site:wptoolbox.com.

Each page should be searchable from your browser with Ctrl+F while the page is on screen.

Please don't contact me simply to ask my help in finding something on this site. Yes, there's a lot here ... but your persistence should pay dividends in time and effort saved in the future.

If you still can't find what you need, see the next paragraphs.

• If you have a problem with WordPerfect, or need help with its features or functions, or need help with your own macros or templates:

Please read the Help Tips page for suggestions and links to internet resource sites such as WordPerfect Universe, which is a non-Corel affiliated site that is free to join. It is relatively active and almost any post related to WordPerfect typically results in one or more experts posting a reply --most often with a day or so. Among several forums, WordPerfect Universe has a Macros & Merges Forum where you can get help with your own macros and merges.

Also see Corel's OfficeCommunity.com.

[N.B.: I am retired and do not hire out for custom work or personal consultations.]

• Problem with an item on this site?

If you are having a problem with one of my macros please help me by "walking through" the problem with enough detail so that I can replicate your steps. Be sure to include the specific version (or "build") of WordPerfect you are using (the four-part decimal number as shown under your program's Help > About WordPerfect menu).

If something about a tip or trick you see here is not clear, then by all means let me know. I appreciate feedback that helps make this site more useable -- and your fellow WordPerfect users will appreciate it, too.

• About sending attachments:

Please do not send attachments (documents, pictures, macros, etc.) without asking me first. If you do, the e-mail message is automatically deleted on my end without ever being opened. (So if you don't get a response from me, you now know why.)

• About submitting suggestions, ideas, or macro code:

If you send me a suggestion or idea for a macro, please be aware that I cannot pay for suggestions or ideas, and in any case, ideas are not 'copyrightable' so I may (or may not) use them in any manner. I will give you credit (your name only; no other identifying information) unless you ask me not to do so.

If you send me a code snippet or functioning macro that you did not create, be sure to let me know where you got it; otherwise, it will be discarded. To use it, I will need the author's permission.

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The USMC / Combat Helicopter Association's site is at www.popasmoke.com.

Some of my own photos of Operation ShuFly, the first major deployment of Marines into South Vietnam in April 1962, are posted on that site (see here and other pages). 

Several of them were included in a centerfold article in the April 2002 issue of Leatherneck Magazine.

For a video commemoration of Operation ShuFly (50th anniversary) see www.marines.mil here.

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