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Page updated Dec 14, 2020

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  Need help with your WORDPERFECT program?

Please be aware that the Toolbox for WordPerfect is not an interactive "Help Desk" or an official support site. It is not affliated with Corel, the publisher of WordPerfect Office.

However ... you can search this site for tips, tricks, macros, and in-depth explanations and "How To" methods related to the WordPerfect program using Google's site search field at the top of the main pages (Home, Tips, Library, etc.). All material is free.

Also see the HelpTips page for suggestions and links to internet resources such as WordPerfect Universe or Corel's own OfficeCommunity. Both are free to join.

Sorry ... but I cannot provide suggestions, advice, one-to-one help, custom macro programming, or referrals to other individual experts. See the previous paragraph for some online resources where you can post queries.

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The USMC / Combat Helicopter Association's site is at www.popasmoke.com.

Some of my own photos of Operation ShuFly, the first major deployment of Marines into South Vietnam in April 1962, are posted on that site (see here and other pages). 

Several of them were included in a centerfold article in the April 2002 issue of Leatherneck Magazine.

For a video commemoration of Operation ShuFly (50th anniversary) see www.marines.mil here.

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