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Macros, tips, and templates for Corel® WordPerfect® for Windows®
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WordPerfect tips on this site

Main tips page with several sections:
1. Automating documents and tasks
2. Automating templates
3. Formatting and structuring text
4. Menus, toolbars, and keyboards
5. Miscellaneous tips and tricks
6. Some other WordPerfect sites
7. Updating, upgrading, or reinstalling the program

...A list of related pages to the sections above

Migrating from Microsoft Word® to WordPerfect®? (Basic differences; setting up WordPerfect to be more familiar to Word users; etc.)

Getting help with the WordPerfect program

What's new and different in recent versions of WordPerfect

Know your WordPerfect version and its "build number" -

Some macros will not work or will not work properly in very early releases (or "builds") of a given version of WordPerfect. This is true even for macros shipped with WordPerfect! Moreover, some solutions or suggestions might work only in specific builds of the program. To find your build number:

Look in WordPerfect's Help menu, and click "About WordPerfect". You will see a four-digit number, such as or or The first part of the number is the major version (WordPerfect 9, WordPerfect 11, etc.); the last three-digit part is the minor version number (also called the "build" or "release"), which can be critical information for troubleshooting problems on various WordPerfect internet support sites.

Macros and templates library

Main library page with several sections:
1. Automating tasks
2. Formatting and structuring text
3. Miscellaneous items
4. Other authors page
5. Notes

Some related pages:

How to download macros, where to put them, and how to use them

Playing macros in WordPerfect (the original release): What you should do

Should you enable "Use WordPerfect 9 text selection"? Discussion of issues and potential problems

WordPerfect error messages - some information

Three ways to play macros more easily

Help with creating your own macros or templates

Using templates from earlier versions