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Macros, tips, and templates for Corel® WordPerfect® for Windows®
© Copyright 1996-2023 by Barry MacDonnell. All Rights Reserved.

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Section 1. Automating documents and tasks

Section 2. Formatting and structuring text

Section 3. Miscellaneous items

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☼  (Macro writers:) Macro Function [Macro Func] Codes from the Codes button on the macro toolbar —  search and insert format codes using their NToC values. PDF file (3 pages): download below in the Miscellaneous Items section.
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(Download pg)
Pub. Date
(details on download page for each item)

Section 1. Automating documents and tasks

Written in WPX9 (should work in other versions) ADDCODES

Add codes.wcm - A macro that can quickly search the current document for up to 10 specified words or phrases and, when found, add one or more text attribute codes (e.g., Bold, Underline, Italics, Redline, Large size, etc.) to them wherever they appear in that document. [See also ReplaceCodes, which can change, augment, or remove such codes -- whether added by this macro or by any other method, including manually, when editing a document.]
WP7 and later
(See download page for specific version compatibility for each macro in the BATES suite)
(1) Bates numbering
(2) Bates numbering for multi-page documents
(3) Bates numbering for pre-printed documents
rev 09/18/18

Three macros:
Bates numbering.wcm - A macro that can [A] create sequential, fixed-width "Bates" numbers (e.g., 00001) on Avery® (or similar) label or card stock; or [B] stamp the numbers directly on pre-printed forms, letters or legal documents; or [C] include them in an existing document (which is expanded by the macro to "x" copies of the original, each numbered as specified).
Bates numbering for multi-page documents.wcm - Creates one copy of an on-screen multi-page document (or filled sheet of label/scards) with sequential Bates numbers on each page of the document, in any of 12 locations around the page. [See also LABLCOPY to quickly and reliably make multiple identical copies of labels, cards, or forms.]
Bates numbering for pre-printed documents.wcm - This macro creates sequential, fixed-width Bates numbers (e.g., 00001, 00002) in a separate on screen "stencil" document that you can later use to stamp the Bates numbers on pre-printed single-page or multi-page items loaded in the printer's tray.
WP8 and later BOX2TEXT 01/16/02
rev 10/10/03

Box2Text.wcm - A macro that copies (i.e, cuts) all text in each text box in a document to the current box's position. Options to pause for confirmation, paste in redline, etc.
WP8 and later BPSTYLES 01/11/02
rev 01/19/14

BlockProtectParaStyles.wcm - Adds block protection to all specified paragraph styles (e.g., Headings) in a document, to keep the style's text (e.g., a title, section label, or paragraph heading) and the next lines of body text together on the same page. [See also LOCKTEXT which locks selected text together.]
WP8 and later
(See download page for specific version compatibility for each macro in the CALENDARS suite)
(1) Monthly calendar
Annual calendars
Find day of week
rev 12/12/19

Three macros:
Monthly calendar.wcm (v1.06) - for WordPerfect 10 and later - Creates a monthly calendar on one page with two smaller (previous / next month) calendars at the top of the page. The calendars are created in tables so you can type inside any table cell, if desired.
Annual calendars.wcm (v1.04) - for WordPerfect 9 and later - Creates 12 monthly calendars on one portrait-oriented page (Letter size, A4, etc.), in three different layouts -- full page. two columns (left and right sides of page), and two rows (top and bottom of page).
Find day of week.wcm - for WordPerfect 8 and later - Select a month, day, and year form a menu and the macro will tell you what day of the week the date falls on since the Gregorian calendar was introduced in A.D.1582.
WP8 and later CAPS2END

Caps2End.wcm - This macro locates all words with initial capital letters (e.g., proper nouns) in a (usually) sorted list and either copies or moves them to the end of the list.
WP10,11,12 CLEANG 10/27/03
Clean guillemets.wcm - Removes the spaces adjacent to guillemet marks (« and ») that can be automatically inserted by WordPerfect 10 and later versions when these special quotation marks are used. (TIP: Instead of using symbols 4,9 and 4,10 for guillemet marks, you can use symbols 12,171 and 12,187. No extra space will be added.)
WP8 and later CLIPPER 02/11/01
rev 11/14/12

Clipper.wcm - A macro that lets you select material in the current document (or any open WP document) and automatically clip (copy or move) it to a separate temporary document. Clipped material is sequentially appended to the temporary document with user-defined separators. A dialog remains on screen until dismissed to allow multiple clips. [See also SPLITTER.]
WP8 and later CODE2TXT 01/11/01
rev 02/02/10

Change attribute codes to text markers.wcm - A macro that can change text surrounded by WordPerfect format codes (e.g., [Bold On]...[Bold Off]) to text surrounded by user-defined plain-text markers (e.g., <B>...</B>) -- and vice versa. The first function is useful to convert WP format codes to HTML tags or to replace WordPerfect format codes with Folio, Ventura Publisher, InDesign, or Quark Xpress markup codes, etc. The second function does the reverse: It can convert user-defined text markers to WP format codes.
WP8 and later See COLORTXT below.

A macro that finds all user-specified text in the document and colors it with any one of several standard colors or a custom color.
WP9 and later COLSRCHR
(1) Column searcher
(2) Column search - color rows
rev 02/10/17

Two macros:
Column searcher.wcm (v1.02) - A macro that finds text or symbols in just the current column of a table -- it will skip searching any other columns. You can also replace any items found.
Column search - color rows.wcm (v1.01) - This macro finds user-specified text in just the current column of a WordPerfect table (it will skip searching any other column). It then colors any row that contains the item specified in a pop-up dialog with a specified color "fill". (Use black to redact rows before printing.) [See also TABLSRCHR which works on the entire table.]
WP8 and later COMMENTR 03/05/01
rev 01/18/14

Comment Converter.wcm - Converts WordPerfect comments to highlighted (or normal) body text, hidden text, or to footnotes/endnotes. It can also copy all comments to a separate (temporary) document to provide a convenient listing.
WP7 and later CONVERTR
(1) Convertr
(2) Bracketer
rev 07/09/08

Two macros:
Convertr.wcm - "The Converter" - A macro that can either delete or convert previously "marked" draft text <<like this>> or existing parenthetical material (like this) or bracketed material [like this] or {like this}. Deletions remove both the markers and the text between them. Conversions can be made to normal text, footnotes, endnotes, WordPerfect comments, italics, redline, or highlighted text.
Bracketer.wcm brackets the word at the cursor location, or a block of selected words, with a text character (quotes, parentheses, brackets, etc.) or symbol. A good companion to the Converter macro.
(Included in the QC suite below)
Convert quote marks.wcm - Converts regular double (") or single (') quote marks to typographical quote marks (a/k/a 'smart' or 'curly' quotes), or vice versa.
WPX7 and later (should work in earlier versions) CONVERT
rev 08/05/14

Convert cross reference numbers.wcm - Converts displayed cross reference numeric values into plain text characters. [See also Find broken cross references.]
WP8 and later COUNTCHR 05/11/98
rev 08/15/03

CountChr.wcm - Count characters and spaces in a document or a selection of text.
WP8 and later COUNTTXT 05/18/98
rev 03/06/13

CountTxt.wcm - Count specific words or other text strings.


See the small macro in Footnote 1 on the COUNTTXT page. It displays a real-time (i.e., dynamically updated) count of various text items in the document (characters, words, sentences, paragraphs, lines and pages).

See also Charles Rossiter's CharCount.wcm and WordCount.wcm macros in the Other Author's page here.

See also LINECNTR to count the lines in a document (both text lines and total lines).
WP9 and later
CUSTOMENV 04/08/10
Custom Envelope Launcher.wcm - a macro designed to copy an inside address (i.e., the recipient's mailing address) from the current document and paste it on a customized envelope set up for this purpose, and allow immediate printing -or- appending to the letter. The envelope can have a custom return address area with different fonts, graphics, etc., as well as any other custom designs (watermarks, text boxes, etc.) on the rest of the envelope.
WP6 and later DATEREPL
(1) DateRepl
(2) DateRepl103
rev 02/17/11

Two macros:
(1) DateRepl.wcm - A macro that can change all Date Codes (dynamic) to Date Text (static).
DateRepl103.wcm - Similar to #1, but if used multiple times on the same document it will also update any static dates created when the macro was last played on that particular document.
WP7 and later DELCODES
(1) DelCodes
(2) DelExtraHR
(3) DelPairs
rev 10/29/22

Three macros to delete format codes:
DelCodes.wcm - "Delete codes" - A macro that deletes one or more menu-selected format codes such as bold, hypertext, tab set, etc. [The menu's list possible codes can be modified by the user: see the Modifications section on the download page.]
(2) DelExtraHR.wcm - "Delete extra hard returns" - deletes all multiple adjacent hard return codes and replaces them with a single hard return.
DelPairs.wcm - "Delete pairs" - deletes "empty" pairs of On/Off format codes such as [Und On][Und Off] that may have been left behind in a document after editing. Very useful in cleaning up clutter in the Reveal Codes window.

See also REPLACECODES which can replace, add to, or remove 16 text attribute codes.
WP8 and later DELETERC 02/25/02
rev 11/08/12

DeleteRC.wcm - "Delete empty Rows and/or Columns" - A "clean up" macro that deletes all empty rows in the current table -- i.e., those without any visible (keyboard) characters; or rows that have empty cells in Column 1; or deletes just empty columns -- which retains any empty (or partially empty) rows. Particularly useful with large tables that span multiple pages.
WP8 and later DESPACER
(1) DeSpacer
(2) Relocator
(3) Toggle
CleanUp Spaces
rev 05/14/22

Three macros:
DeSpacer.wcm - A macro that reduces multiple adjacent spaces to single spaces. It can optionally relocate/remove stray single spaces.
Relocator.wcm - A standalone macro using an option found in DeSpacer.wcm to relocate any single (i.e. solitary) spaces found inside various paired text attribute codes ([bold>..text..<bold], etc.) to positions immediately outside those codes.
(See also
DelExtraHR.wcm, another "clean up" macro that removes extra hard returns; it is included in DELCODES above.)
(3) ToggleCleanUpSpaces.wcm - This macro enables or disables a hidden feature that works on adjacent spaces as you cut and paste text the document.
WP7 and later EMPTYPGS 07/22/99
rev 01/18/08

EmptyPgs.wcm - "Clean up" empty pages in a document. This WordPerfect macro finds empty pages in a document and supresses page numbering, headers, footers, and watermarks on those pages only, making them appear truly empty.
WP6 and later
(See download page for specific version compatibility for each macro in the FAXIT suite)
(1) FaxCover
(2) FaxBox
(3) FaxIt
(4) FaxFlip
rev 03/15/06

Four "faxing" macros:
FaxCover.wcm - Create a fax cover page that can be placed at the top of the current document or on a separate page.
FaxBox.wcm - Create a "Fax To/From" stamp on the current document.
FaxIt.wcm - Fax the current document and then reset WordPerfect to your default printer.
FaxFlip.wcm - Vertically rotate the contents of graphic image boxes (such as faxes imported into a WP document) 180 degrees.
WP6 and later FIXASCII
(for "word wrapping";
renamed to LINEWRAP)

[Renamed to LineWrap - see below.]
WP7 and later FIXMSGS 08/21/00
rev 05/11/01

FixMsgs.wcm - Fix messages (email, newgroups, etc.) by removing extraneous codes, line breaks, ">" characters, spaces, etc. (See also LINEWRAP.)
WP9 and later FILELISTER 06/14/09
File Lister.wcm - This macro finds all files of a given type (or all files) found in a specified directory/folder (optionally including subfolders), and then types a list of them into a separate document window.
WPX7 and later (should work in earlier versions) FIND


Find broken cross references.wcm - A macro that finds any broken cross reference link so that you can fix or remove the cross reference. [See also Convert cross reference numbers.]
WP10 and later GO2PAGE 01/28/03
rev 03/07/06

Go to page number.wcm - The Edit, Go To, Page feature is slightly more complex in WordPeffect 10+ than in earlier versions. For those who want to go to a specific page number in WP10 (or later version) with fewer keystrokes, here's a small macro (Go to page number.wcm) to do it.
WP8 and later See HILITE below  
A suite of highlighting tools. See below.
WP8 and later See HILITERL below  
A macro to add highlighting to redlined text (useful with some black & white printers).
WP9 and later INDEXLIST 07/24/07
IndexList.wcm - A macro designed to process a user-created list of words or phrases and place page numbers after each item to indicate where in the document the item was found. Thus, it creates an Index from the List. [See also PAGELINE and the UNIQUE suite for other indexing tools and tips.]
WPX8 (probably most earlier versions, too)


Index Tools - A compilation of tutorials, macros (links), and tips to help you index a document.

WP8 and later INDXHEAD

IndxHEad.wcm - This macro marks the first 64 text characters in standard and custom paragraph styles in the document for indexing. Typically, these are section headings formatted with such styles as Heading 1, Heading 2, MyHeading, etc.
WP8 and later INDXWORD

IndxWord.wcm - This macro marks the selected word(s) or (if nothing is selected) the word at the cursor location, as an index entry (i.e., as an index Heading item). It is useful if you have just a few words to add to the index and don't want to bother with Tools, Reference, Index, <select words>, <click in the Heading field on the Index property bar>, Mark
WP8 and later INSDATE (Direct download, 6,920 bytes) 12/08/06
rev 11/20/09

Insert new date in document.wcm (v1.03) - This macro pops up a dialog to let your quickly calculate a date from today (or any other day) that is plus or minus "x" days in the future or past, then lets you insert the new date at the current cursor position in several formats. [Menu defaults can be set in the User Modification Area of the macro's code.]

See also Calendars above.

WP9 and later INVOICE 11/13/02
rev 05/20/08

Invoice.wcm - A macro that produces an invoice ('Service' or 'Product') -- either in a blank document or in the current document (such as your letterhead). It calculates up to 20 line items and can automatically insert an invoice number. Completely customizable by the user.
WP8 and later (may work in earlier versions) LABLCOPY 03/31/02
rev 08/12/18

LablCopy.wcm - "Label Copy" - a macro that quickly fills up label sheets, perforated card stock, and even regular paper with duplicate copies of the same item -- great for return address labels, business cards, numbered log sheets, etc. Just create a single "master" copy and play the macro. [See also BATES to add fixed-width numbers to labels or cards.]
WP7 and later LABLPRNT 02/01/00
rev 09/30/03

LablPrnt.wcm - "Label Print" - a macro that prints single labels starting at any position on the sheet. Helps save label or business card stock.
WP8 and later LETTERHD 03/02/01
rev 08/29/06

My letterhead template.wpd - An automated sample letterhead template that you can easily modify. Also contains step-by-step guides to modifying it and creating other prompted templates.
WP9 and later LINECNTR 07/14/03
rev 01/11/08

LineCounter.wcm - counts text lines, total lines, and total words.
WP8 and later LINENUMB 09/25/96
rev 05/15/01

LineNumb.wcm - A macro that inserts line numbers in margins for selected (or all) text. [See also PARA#END, a macro that numbers each paragraph in the document at the end of the paragraph.]
WP6 and later LINEWRAP 01/05/13
LineWrap.wcm - A macro to remove hard returns ([HRt]) at the end of lines in plain-text (ASCII-type) files that have been imported into WordPerfect, and replace them with soft returns ([SRt]). This allows "word wrapping" of sentences and paragraphs and makes reformatting such paragraphs or other copied material (such as e-mail messages or BBS/internet downloads) much easier. (See also FIXMSGS.)
WPX6 and later (probably also in WP10-WPX5) LINKTOURL 05/25/09
rev 12/17/12

LinkToURL.wcm - Automates the creation of an active hyperlink in a WordPerfect document from a selected Internet address (URL).
WP8 and later LISTWORD

ListWord.wcm - This macro copies the selected word(s) or, if nothing is selected, the word at the cursor location, to the very end of the document, in list format. The list itself can be selected, then sorted with Tools, Sort. This might also be handy if you just want to review the file and list some words or phrases that should be available for future indexing by adding them to an existing concordance file.
WP6 and later LOCKTEXT 09/12/96
rev 05/15/01

LockText.wcm - Lock selected text together with a click. [See also BPSTYLES which "locks" specified paragraph styles and following lines of text together.]
WPX4 and later MACSETUP 10/25/05

Macro document setup.wcm - (Primarily for macro writers) A macro that formats any document with a custom "macro style" by inserting several format codes inside the current document's initial style. [The technique might be useful in formatting other documents.]
WP9 and later MAKESUBS 12/05/01
rev 12/16/12

MakeSubDocs.wcm - A macro that inserts multiple files (e.g., book chapters) into the current document as subdocuments, with options for a word count of the master document or a separate count for each subdocument. Good example of processing multiple files in a folder.
WP8 and later MEMO 05/14/01
rev 09/21/17

Memo.wcm - A macro that pops up a fill-in dialog, then produces a memo. Several formatting options make it easy to customize.
WP8 and later MULTISAV
(1) NewFN#
(2) HRt+Save
(3) Period+Save
rev 07/13/06

Three macros to help you automate the saving of your documents:
NewFN#.wcm saves a document with a new filename that has an incremented, numerical suffix appended to the root name (e.g., Myfile002.wpd, Myfile003.wpd) to produce multiple saved versions of the file on disk.
HRt+Save.wcm simultaneously enters a hard return and saves the current document.
Period+Save.wcm - Period("full stop)-plus-save - A macro to help automate saving files by saving the current file whenever you press the (".") key (unless the period follows a number, a space, or another period).
[See also SaveCopy.]
WP8 and later NOTE

(1) Jump2FN
(2) Jump2Txt
(3) LinkNotes
(4) Note2Txt
(5) SwapNote
(6) Txt2Note
rev 10/11/21

Six macros:
Jump2FN.wcm - A macro which can take you to a specific footnote number in a single step. This might be useful when viewing a hard copy of the document and you need to edit a particular footnote.
Jump2Txt.wcm - A macro that moves the cursor from inside a footnote or an endnote to the note number's location in the body text area of the document, and vice versa.
LinkNotes.wcm - This macro creates "round-trip" hyperlinks to let you quickly jump between a particular footnote or endnote number in a WPD or PDF document to the footnote or endnote itself -- and vice versa -- with a mouse click.
Note2Txt.wcm converts Footnotes or Endnotes to ordinary (bracketed) text at the original location of the note numbers in the document, or in a separate document.
SwapNote.wcm - A macro that converts a single footnote to an endnote, or vice versa.
Txt2Note.wcm converts specially bracketed notes in a document to footnotes or endnotes. [See Note2Txt macro, which can do the bracketing.]

See also Bookmarker: Two macros to (1) quickly set a custom bookmark to "mark your place," and (2) quickly navigate to it as needed.
WP9 and later PAGELINE 07/07/07
rev 09/12/11

PageLine.wcm - A macro that produces Index entries that show both the page numbers and the line numbers for each entry. [See also UNIQUE for a suite of macros (and tips) to help with indexing.]
WP8 and later PARA#END 06/18/02
rev 01/11/08

Para#End.wcm - A macro that numbers each paragraph in the document at the end of the paragraph with a bracketed and automatically incrementing counter. [See also LINENUMB.]
WP8 and later PICKLIST 12/20/04
rev 10/18/07

PickList.wcm - Instantly type blocks of text, insert disk files, expand QuickWords, play other macros -- all from a single pop-up menu list.
WP7 and later PRINTALL 03/05/01
PrintAll.wcm - Print all open (non-blank) documents with this macro.
WP8 and later PRNTCOPY 04/14/02
PrntCopy.wcm - Print a copy of your document marked with "Copy" or other single- or multi-line identifier stamp in any of 9 locations. Be sure to view the comments at the top of the macro's code.
WP8 and later QC
(1) QC
(2) Convert quote marks
rev 12/02/04

Two macros:
QC.wcm - A macro to toggle the state of various QuickCorrect, QuickWords, and SmartQuote settings.
Convert quote marks.wcm - Converts regular double or single quote marks to typographical quote marks (a/k/a 'smart' or 'curly' quotes), or vice versa.
WP9 and later QWIKFILL
(1) QwikFill
(2) QwikFill Dates
rev 01/25/19

Two macros:
(1) QwikFill.wcm
- A WordPerfect 9 (c.1977) and later version macro that adds incrementing numbers (1..n) in the current table column from the current cell to the bottom of the column, in a manner similar to WordPerfect's QuickFill feature -- but easier and with more options (i.e., optional user-specified prefix and/or suffix and/or optional fixed-width Bates numbering).
(2) QwikFill Dates.wcm - A macro that automatically fills a series of table cells — even dozens or hundreds of them — in the current table column with your chosen dates (in plain text and in any of 24 formats), each date incremented by a chosen interval (e.g., every "n" days/weeks/months/years).
WP9 and later REDACTOR 09/30/03
rev 07/09/08

Redactor.wcm - Block out (redact) specific text from a document before printing it -- without affecting the position of the remaining lines of text or the placement of words on a line. [Note that WordPerfect X4 now has a Redaction Tool, but you should read the caveats about using it on the REDACTOR download page (see the sidebar there).]
WP8 and later REMDUPES

RemDupes.wcm - This macro is designed to remove duplicate items from a list of items. You can also use it to consolidate several concordance files into one concordance with no duplicate items.
WP8 and later RENAMER 11/22/05 
Renamer.wcm - A macro that lets you rename the currently opened file without using the traditional steps of saving and closing the file, renaming it with Windows Explorer, then opening it again. Better than File>Save As, since it deletes the original copy.

The next several macros (REPL*) can REPLACE / CHANGE / REMOVE
•  text attributes (e.g., the format codes that produce bold, underline, italics, redline, etc.),
•  text characters (including words or phrases), or
•  text styles.
Also see CODE2TXT |
Written in WPX9 (should work in other versions)

rev 05/07/19

Replace Codes.wcm- A macro that can search for a menu-chosen text attribute (16 attributes, such as bold, italics, underline, redline, highlighting, etc.) wherever found in the document and then change it to something else -- such as underlined text to italic text. Options include adding an attribute to an existing one, removing an attribute's codes (see also 3 macros in DelCodes), or replacing an attribute with a style (which can be more flexible).
[See also AddCodes, which can add many of these text attribute codes to words or phrases in the document, wherever they appear in that document.]
WP9 (should work in most other versions) REPLACEM 08/24/00
rev 01/13/16

Replacem.wcm - A macro that can replace several different words in one pass. (You can also use it to swap words or phrases in a document. See also SwapThem on the Other Authors page.)

Additional (similar) macros that can add formatting to several words or phrases throughout the document are described in the Footnotes on the Replacem.wcm download page.

Also see ReplWithQW ("Replace with a QuickWord"), RLCaps ("add Redline to Capital letters").
WP8 and later REPLCHAR 10/25/01
rev 05/08/07

ReplChar.wcm - A macro that replaces each character in previously selected text with two underscores plus a space. Useful for fill-in forms, student tests, etc.
Updated to v2.0 with WP2020 (should work in other versions) REPLSTYL 04/22/02
rev 03/23/21

ReplStyl.wcm - A macro that can replace one built-in (system) or custom (user-created) style with another in a document, or remove a style's codes to remove the style wherever it was applied in the document. It can optionally pause for confirmation of removals.
WP8 and later REPLWITHQW 10/11/06
Replace with a QuickWord.wcm - A macro that can find any existing character, word, phrase, or symbol wherever it appears in a document and replace it with an expanded QuickWord -- all in one step. (Optionally it can ask for confirmation at each item found.)

This also allows the replacements to be highly formatted and/or larger in size than can be used with Find and Replace; it also lets you use the replacements in any document. Sample replacements: math symbols in a different font and size, custom formatted product names, large blocks of text, WordPerfect tables, graphics, words to which styles have been applied ... any "boilerplate" items.
WP9 and later REVDATER 01/11/02
rev 07/02/07

RevDater.wcm - Adds or revises a special bookmarked date in a document to make it easy to "stamp" a document with the current revision date as a text string, not as a changeable date code.
WPX6 and later (but should work in most recent versions)

SaveAsPDF.wcm - A macro to automate saving the current document as a PDF file to any drive or folder. This can be useful if you want to quickly convert several open documents to PDFs and store them in a specific location rather than in the current document's disk location, which is the WordPerfect default.
WP9 and later
(Not for WP
SAVECOPY 11/01/02
rev 03/06/11

Save+Copy.wcm - This macro lets you save your currently opened file and simultaneously make an archive copy of it on another hard (or removable) drive, using a user-specified folder on that drive to store the copy/copies. [See also the MULTISAV suite of macros, and the Tips page AUTOBAK.]
WP6 and later SHREDDER 10/3/97
rev 05/09/15

Shredder.wcm - "Shred" (delete) currently open files with a mouseclick (a warning is given). Makes it easy to quickly view and delete old files.
WPX5 (probably most earlier versions, too) SPLITTER 05/28/10
rev 07/24/21

Splitter.wcm - A macro to split the current document into several new, sequentially numbered documents on disk. [See also CLIPPER.]
WP9 and later STEPPER
(1) Mov2Next
(2) Mov2Prev
rev 10/25/11

Two macros (Mov2Next.wcm and Mov2Prev.wcm) that can be assigned to keystrokes to quickly move ("step") between adjacent sentences or table cells. Items remain selected to make it easy to view, copy, or delete them.
WP8 and later SUMMARY 05/03/02
rev 06/14/05

Summary.wcm - Extract the current document's Summary data (as shown in File, Properties) and insert it as a block of text at the end of the document.
WP9 and later SWAPRECS 03/05/02
rev 01/11/08

SwapRecs.wcm - A macro that swaps every other record in a data text file or data table file. This produces a data file that will properly merge/print the reverse side of 2-column cards (e.g., "4-up" postcards) with custom information (e.g., a person's name) on both sides. (See also DeleteRC above, which you may want to play on data table files.)
WPX8 (and probably most earlier versions back to WP9)

Table search - color rows.wcm - A macro that finds user-specified text anywhere in the current WordPerfect table, then colors any row that contains the item specified in a pop-up dialog with a specified color "fill". [See also COLSRCHR which works on just the current column.]
WP6,7,8 TOGLGRID 01/22/97
rev 05/15/01

ToglGrid.wcm - Toggle table gridlines (cell borders) and screen colors to view or hide cell borders on the screen. [n WP8 and later versions you can add a "toggle" button to your toolbar instead of using this macro. See information in the Description.]
WP7 and later TOGLGUID 06/10/99
rev 08/05/05

ToglGuid.wcm - Toggle viewing guidelines On or OFF. This is easier than selecting View|Guidelines and clicking up to 4 boxes to view or stop viewing guidelines around tables, margins, columns, and headers/footers.
WP8 and later TOOCLOSE 01/27/99
rev 01/18/14

TooClose.wcm - A macro to find and highlight duplicate words that are "too close" together. Helps correct a "repetitive" writing style.
WPX8 (probably most earlier versions, too) TRIMTO63

TrimTo63.wcm (v1.02) - This macro is designed to be used with an existing concordance file that was created by means other than the WordList.wcm macro below.

(See here for more about methods of creating a concordance file. Note that WordList.wcm will do all trimming during the creation of a draft of a concordance; in that case you don't need TrimTo63.)

The macro examines all items in a concordance and trims any items that exceed 63 characters (including spaces) to 63 characters/spaces, which is required by WordPerfect's indexing feature. Items longer than 63 characters will cause an error message if the concordance is used in WordPerfect to help index a document.
WP6 and later TXT2CMT 06/23/97
rev 08/15/07

Txt2Cmt.wcm - Text-to-Comment - convert a block of selected text to a comment - "park" your draft text so it doesn't print. (WP8+ users: You don't need this macro. You can select text, right-click in the selection, and choose "Create Comment." But it has other advantages.)
WP8 and later UNIQUE
rev 10/28/09

[Updated 07/30/17: The UNIQUE suite of macros was retired because two macros (Unique.wcm and WordFreq.wcm) in the suite were replaced with the WordList.wcm macro. WordList (available below) and the other macros in that suite now have their own download pages; see also INDEXTOOLS above for direct links to them.]
WP8 and later UPDATER 03/07/01
rev 10/19/06

Updater.wcm - A macro to "update" the current on-screen document (or any selected disk file) with the current system's default template settings.
WPX8 (probably most earlier versions, too) UPPER2NEW

Uppercase2NewDoc.wcm - This macro copies words in all UPPERCASE letters (with 2 or more letters) from the main body text area of the current document and lists them in a new document. The macro can also be used on a list of words (sorted or unsorted) such as a concordance file.
WP10 and later WORDLIST 02/07/12
WordList.wcm - A macro that can create either a frequency list of each of the words in the document (or in a selection of text), or an alphabetical list of words that have been used at least once (which can then be used to create a concordance file for indexing a document).
WP8 and later WP9TSS 12/30/01
rev 06/01/13

WP9TSS toggle.wcm - A macro that toggles WordPerfect 10's (and later versions) new WordPerfect 9 Text Selection checkbox on and off (see Tools, Settings, Environment in WP10+).
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Section 2. Formatting and structuring text

WP8 and later 1FORMAT 12/31/97
rev 07/03/04

1format.wcm - "One-stop" page and paragraph formatting.
WP8 and later ADDR2UC 10/17/02
rev 10/31/07

Two macros:
Convert address to uppercase.wcm
- Inserts a letter's mailing address (stripped of certain punctuation marks) in the envelope dialog in upper case letters, to conform with suggested postal service guidelines. (A second macro is included for macro writers; it simply finds and selects the inside address.)
Select address.wcm - A macro primarily for macro writers. It simply selects the inside address in a letter if it is not already selected, and pops up a message dialog showing the address. Additional code can be added to replace the message and perform some useful task (e.g., output the address to a special destination).
WP8 and later ALPHADIV 03/28/01
rev 06/15/12

Alphabetical List Divider.wcm - A macro that divides any alphabetized list -- such as an index or directory -- either with the appropriate capital letter between each section (A, B, C, etc.) or with a blank line between each section. Includes several formatting options.
WP7 and later ALTMARG 09/06/99
rev 10/22/07

AltMarg.wcm - A macro that changes the outside page margins of alternating pages in a document to a wider setting, similar to the appearance of many nonfiction books that have large amounts of "white space" outside the main text area. (You can set wider inside margins, too.) Great for formatting self-published manuals, instructions, reports, or anywhere where two-sided printing is used and wide outer margins are needed for pull quotes, graphics, etc. [See sample]
WPX5 and later (but should work in earlier versions) BACKGROUND

BackgroundFill.wcm - Creates a "background page fill" with your choice of color, outside the page margins, on the current page or from the current page forward, according to the specifications of the user. The spacing to the page edges for each border can be set independently, and changes in WordPerfect's page margins will not affect the border. [See LineBorderss below for a similar macro.]
WP9 and later BRACKETS 10/29/07
rev 10/30/07

Brackets.wcm - A customizable macro that creates an "outdented" table -- i.e., a table that extends slightly outside page margins -- with a large, full-height left and/or right border that simulates a large square bracket ("[" and/or "]"). It can be used to set off text for special purposes, such as to format "pull quotes" or editorial comment, or to indicate that several characters are speaking simultaneously in theater and opera manuscripts. [Note that you can also have "indented" brackets, as shown in the screen shots on the download page.]
WPX9 (should work in earlier versions) CAPFIRST

(See also CONVERTCASE below)
Capitalize first letter in a sentence.wcm is a macro that converts just the first letter in a sentence to UPPER case if it's not already in upper case. If you play the macro sequentially multiple times, it will (by default) move step-wise through subsequent sentences (one sentence at a time) and convert their initial letters if needed. (See also CONVERTCASE below.)
WP8 and later COLORTXT 09/30/03
rev 06/13/06

Color.txt - A macro that finds all user-specified text in the document and colors it with any one of several standard colors or a custom color. [See also the HILTE suite, which can highlight words or blocks of text.]
Written in WPX5 & WPX7 but should work in other versions CONVERT

REVERSE CASE (on same page)

(See also CAPFIRST above.)
rev 08/21/21

Convert case.wcm - A push-button macro that converts the current word or selection into either upper case, initial capitals, initial capitals for all words, lower case (except the beginning of sentences), lower case for all letters, or reverse case. (The latter 2 functions are not native to WordPerfect.) The pop up menu also requires fewer keystrokes or mouse clicks than using the WordPerfect menus.

Reverse case.wcm - a macro that has the same "reverse case" function as in the Convert case macro, but also included in the download ZIP file as a separate macro for those who just want only that function.

(See also CAPFIRST above.)
WP8 and later CONVERTV 03/31/03
ConvertV.wcm - A macro that converts selected text to Initial Capitals, then replaces any (uppercase) "V" and "VS" (versus) in the selected block to their lower-case equivalents.
Written in WPX6 but should work in other versions CUSTOMTBL
rev 09/04/21

Create a custom table.wcm - This macro instantly creates a custom table at the cursor position with your preferred default settings for the number of columns and rows, as well as the table's horizontal position, cell margins, cell widths, and cell format (numbers, currency, etc.) Easily modifiable.
WP6 and later DASHES 08/12/97
rev 02/21/08

Dashes and slashes.wpd - A WordPerfect document containing some simple macro code to help insert typographical dashes, slashes, accented letters, and underlined tabs (great for signature lines) -- all with a keystroke or mouse click.
Written in WPX6 but should work in other versions (WP8+)
DATEINS 05/13/04
rev 07/01/2014

Date Inserter.wcm - View a scrollable calendar and quickly insert any selected date into your document in various static date (text) formats, including "legal-style" dates. A menu option lets you add or subtract "x" days from the date before it is inserted. [See also Txt2Date.]
Written in WPX5 but should work in other versions DOCSTAMP 12/21/10
rev 08/27/11

Document Stamper.wcm - Quickly "toggles" a user-specified document stamp ON and OFF, such as "Draft" or "Copy". The stamp (text with an optional date) is inside a rotated box inside a watermark and is visible outside page margins at the side of the page, parallel to the edge. Easily customizable. [See also Edgetext and FilStamp. For envelopes, see EnvStamp.]
WP7 and later
(See download page for specific version compatibility)
DYNAHEAD 12/19/00
rev 10/19/06

DynaHead.wcm - Dynamic headers (also known as "floating headers" or "running heads") that change with the content of each page.
Written in WPX6 but should work in other versions EDGETEXT 01/19/00
rev 06/25/13

EdgeText.wcm - A macro that can place a line of text (and optionally, the date, time stamp, and/or the filename) at one of eight places around the edges of the page, outside the page margins, on all pages or just specific pages. (It does it by creating the text inside a text box.) Easily customizable. [See also DocStamp and FilStamp. For envelopes, see EnvStamp.]
WP8 and later ENVSTAMP 06/19/03
rev 01/27/04

Envelope message stamper.wcm - A macro that quickly stamps a custom or standard message (e.g., "CONFIDENTIAL") near the bottom of an appended envelope (or any page), adjacent to the left margin. [See also DocStamp and Edgetext.]
WP6 and later
(See download page for specific version compatibility for each macro in the FILSTAMP suite)
(1) Filename Stamper
(2) FilStamp
rev 05/11/01
rev 11/26/02

Two macros:
Filename Stamper.wcm (v1.02) puts the filename and optional print date in a new or existing footer or header. (For WP versions 8 and later.)
FilStamp.wcm - stamps the last document page. (For WP version 6 and later.) Both macros delete any existing filename stamp first.

[See also DocStamp and Edgetext.]

WP8 and later FRACTION 04/05/03
rev 01/18/14

Fraction.wcm - Convert any typed fraction to super- and subscripted format like those created with QuickCorrect or inserted from the WordPerfect Typographical symbol set.
WP8 and later HILITE
(1) HiLite
(2) HiLiteDoc
(3) HiLiteNew
(4) HiLiteRem
(5) HiLiteRC
rev 06/15/10

Five macros:
HiLite.wcm - the computer equivalent of using up to 11 differently colored highlighter pens on a document.
HiLiteDoc.wcm - highlights words in a document based either on a master list of words in a separate document or on words entered via a menu. See instructions at the top of the macro's code.
HiLiteNew.wcm - Applies a new user-specified highlight color to a selected block of text, then returns the highlight default color back to bright yellow.
HiLiteRem.wcm - removes highlights and (optionally) removes the highlighted words.
HiLiteRC.wcm - replaces the color of existing highlighting in the document with a different color.

See the main description page for details.

WP8 and later HILITERL 05/31/01
rev 07/08/08

HiLiteRL.wcm - A macro that adds highlighting to all redlined text found in the document. It optionally prints the document and then removes the highlighting it added to the redline. Useful for some B&W printers that don't print redlined text very well.
WP8 and later HSPACER 07/01/02
HSpacer.wcm - Converts ordinary spaces in previously selected text (e.g., legal citations) to hard spaces ([HSpace]) to keep the words together on the same line.
WP6,7 only INDENT 09/26/96
Ind_Both.wcm, Ind_Hang.wcm, Ind_Left.wcm - Indent WP6x paragraphs (like WP8+) with a click.
WP8 and later LETRBOX 07/31/98
LetrBox.wcm - Enclose single characters (letters, numbers, symbols) in boxes. Two macros included.
WPX4 and later (probably earlier versions, too) LINEBORDERS 03/03/10
rev 08/01/11

LineBorders.wcm - Creates a line border (single, double, dashed, thick, etc.) outside the page margins or at any other specified location, around the perimeter of the current page (or from the current page forward), according to the specifications of the user. The spacing to the page edges for each border can be set independently, and changes in WordPerfect's page margins will not affect the border. [See BackgroundFill above for a similar macro.] [See also TextBord.]
WP6 and later MANUSCRP 09/12/96
rev 05/15/01

Manuscrpt.wpt - Manuscript template for articles/short stories.
WP6,7 only MPDOCS6 11/05/98
MPDoc61.wpd - Multi-page documents and second page identifiers (WordPerfect 6/7).
WP8 and later OVERSTRIKE 10/18/06
rev 02/17/10

Overstrike.wcm - This small macro overstrikes (types over) every character in a selection of text, similar to the WordPerfect Format>Font>Strikeout function, but with the option of using any character or symbol as the overstrike character. It also can overstrike many blocks of text at once.
WP8 and later PASTE-UT
(1) Paste-UT
(2) Paste-UTX
rev 05/26/05

Paste-UT.wcm, Paste-UTX.wcm - WordPerfect's Edit, Paste Special, Unformatted Text helps solve formatting problems when copying blocks of text or macro code from the Internet. Here are two macros to do this with a mouse click.
WPX6 and later (probably earlier versions, too)


Pleading Setup.wcm is an alternative to WordPerfect's own Pleading.wcm macro (i.e., the Pleading Paper feature and also the Legal Pleading Expert).

It creates a very basic Pleading format for the document using a watermark to produce line numbers outside the left page margin and vertical lines on both sides of the document's text.

But ... there are some significant differences between this macro and the WordPerfect features. See the download page for more information.
WP8 and later QWIKSET 01/25/03
rev 04/29/03

QwikSet.wcm - Quickly set relative font sizes and other attributes with a keystroke. Works on selected words or just the word at the cursor location. (This is an example of a "two-keystroke" macro: the first to bring up a menu, and the second to perform some function.)
WP8 and later RLCAPS 09/14/05

RLCaps.wcm - A macro that finds every capital (uppercase) letter, then emphasizes it with redline. Useful during proofreading, it can optionally add large size, bold, and/or italics, Like This.
WP8 and later ROWLINES 02/03/00
rev 02/24/17

RowLines.wcm - A macro that uses cell lines to "underline" every Nth row of a table starting at the top of the table or the top of each table page. You can also add "fills" to the rows to shade them (or just use fills without lines). Improves the readability or page design of directories, lists, etc.
WP8 and later SOFTWRAP 08/05/02
rev 10/20/21

SoftWrap.wcm - A macro that adds special soft-wrap formatting codes inside a previously selected internet website address (URL) or email address to allow the address to break properly at the end of a line. (Follows the recommended break locations on The Chicago Manual of Style website.)
WP6 and later SUPDELAY 11/9/98
rev 05/15/01

SupDelay.wcm - Set up "second pages" of letters and reports by suppressing and/or delaying certain headers, footers, watermarks and page numbers.
WP8 and later TABSET25 12/14/03
rev 12/19/07

TabSet25.wcm - Sets new tab stops every 0.25 inches, either at the very top of the document or starting at the current cursor location. You can also choose to set tabs Relative to the left margin or Absolute distances from the left edge of the page. Subsequent back tabs (<Shift+Tab>) allow outdenting text from the margin.
WP7 and later TEXTBORD 08/22/00
rev 01/11/08

TextBord8.wcm, TextBord9.wcm - Place a text border around the current page composed of user-selected words. [To create a border with graphic images instead of text, see this tip.]
WP8 and later TEXTBOX
rev 07/15/19

Two macros:
TextBox.wcm - Enclose selected text or manually entered text in a box with rounded corners. Makes it easy to "box" a word or phrase, or create a text label ("callout") adjacent to a graphic image.
TextBox2.wcm - Enclose selected text in a box with just a thin top and bottom border and minimal inside/outside dimensions. Useful for single characters, words, or even paragraphs.
WP8 and later TXT2DATE 09/18/01
rev 07/31/17

Txt2Date.wcm - Converts numerical date strings in body text (e.g., "07/31/17" or "31/07/17") to one of eight text date formats (e.g., "July 31, 2017" or "31 Jul 17" or "the 31st of July, 2017"). Optional: Converts just the item under the cursor or converts all items (optionally pausing at each one for confirmation).
WP8 and later UNDERLIN
(1) UnderlineTab
(2) Underline2Margin
(3) Underline2Center
rev 11/04/05

Three macros:
UnderlineTab.wcm - A macro that creates an underlined Tab. Each activation produces another underlined Tab, up to the right margin. Useful to quickly create a signature line, or similar short line below the text's baseline.
Underline2Margin.wcm - A macro that creates an underline from the current position to the right margin (i.e., the end of the current line) to "fill" the space with a line, then enters an optional hard return and optionally returns the cursor to the starting point. This technique also allows the line to expand or contract if previous text is edited.
Underline2Center.wcm - This macro creates an underline from the current cursor position (usually, the beginning of a new line) to the center position (i.e., between both margins) and thence to the right margin (i.e., the end of the current line). It is useful in creating unique section headings and similar items.
WP8 and later VERTCARD 04/16/99
rev 05/13/05

VertCard.wcm - Create vertically formatted business cards or labels -- that is, cards or labels with their contents rotated 90 degrees from the standard orientation on the sheet.
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Section 3. Miscellaneous items

WP8 and later 2KEYS

"Two-key" macros - Several examples (in plain text macro code) on a Tips page that can help organize related macros or tasks under a common keystroke combination: Press one shortcut to launch the macro, then press a second key to perform a designated task.
WP8 and later 2PGVIEW 07/06/01
rev 11/28/02

TwoPageView.wcm - A macro that toggles (switches) the current view back and forth between Page view and Two Page view. (See also DRAFTVIEW.)
WP9 and later ALBUM 09/28/03
rev 08/24/17

Album.wcm - Inserts smaller photos or other graphic images from a folder (and optionally, sub-folders) on your disk into a new WordPerfect document in 2-, 4-, or more images per page format.
WPX7 and probably other versions BOOKMARKER

Two macros to mark your location and then quickly navigate to it:
(1) BookmarkSet.wcm - Sets a custom bookmark at the cursor location.
(2) BookmarkFind.wcm - Finds the custom bookmark that was set by the BookmarkSet.wcm macro and relocates the insertion cursor there.

WP8 and later DRAFTVIEW 04/16/09
rev 08/03/21

Toggle between Page view and Draft view.wcm - A macro that toggles (switches) the current view back and forth between Page view and Draft view. (See also 2PGVIEW.)
WP8 and later EZMENU 10/03/03
rev 10/19/06

EZMenu.wcm - An example of a very simple pop-up dialog menu using the Menu() command and some Switch() statements. Play the macro to see its effects. [See also How to create a vertical toolbar with text buttons to access your favorite folders, templates and files here.]
WP8 and later [See PICKLIST above]  
PickList.wcm - Instantly type blocks of text, insert disk files, expand QuickWords, play other macros -- all from a single menu pop-up list.
WPX8 and probably other versions

(For macro writers:)

"Macro Function Codes from the Codes button on the Macro Toolbar and their NTOC() values."

An alphabetical list of 450+ format, merge, date and page numbering codes. [PDF file, 3 pages]

Purpose: Macro writers can use the list to create code to search and/or insert WordPerfect's format (and other) codes by using their NToC values rather than using the actual binary codes from the macro toolbar's Codes button.

The NTOC() list might be particularly useful to macro writers when a macro containing format, merge, or date codes is to be posted on a web page or support site, or sent in the body of an email, in plain ("raw code") text — i.e., a situation where WordPerfect's binary codes would (or might) be stripped out of the post or message.

Caveat: The list was created in WordPerfect X8 running on Windows 10. Not tested in other WP or Windows versions or in other possible code variations in a macro! Always test your macro when using these NTOC values to ensure they work as intended by the user. (The PDF document shows a macro
snippet at the top of page 1 that you can use as a verification test.)
WPX4 and probably other versions MAKE
MakeReadOnly.wcm - Makes the currently open (on screen) document Read Only by changing the Windows file attribute.
WP9 and later RECOMPILER 06/08/09
Recompiler.wcm - This opens each .WCM file (or whatever filename extension is otherwise specified in a drop list), one at a time, and adds/deletes the space, then saves the file. Although written in response to a problem with the first release of WordPerfect 11, it can be useful as a "batch compiler" in any version of WordPerfect (9 and later).
WPX9 and most earlier versions
WP-FKEYS 02/07/00 rev

WordPerfect for Windows Function Key layout.wpd - A "template" of default function key assignments in the standard WPWin keyboard in a printable WPD document (table format). Modifable for other versions of WPWin or the DOS keyboard.

Instructions included for printing a list of all current keyboard assignments.

Update: See information there about a new Corel macro (
CreateFunctionKeyTemplate.wcm - included in WordPerfect X6 and later) to automatically produce a printable table of the current keyboard's assignments.
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Section 4. Other Authors page

 See: Other Authors Page

Section 5. Notes

¤  WordPerfect ships with several dozen Corel macros.

These are installed by default in a special Program Files folder, typically shown in Tools, Settings, Files, Merge/Macro.

For a list of these macros use the program's Help (F1) module and search for "macros, included with WordPerfect". You can play them by typing their name in WordPerfect's Tools, Macros, Play dialog.

Caution: Be sure you understand what each Corel macro is intended to do before playing it. Some are "called" by the program and are not intended to be played separately (in fact, you should not delete them for the very reason that the program needs them). Many of them have been included with WordPerfect for many years -- probably more for the convenience of those users who learned to use them in an early version than for new users. They will work without issues in recent versions but you can test them first to see if they suit your needs.

Note that a few of the macros listed in the Toolbox Library above (e.g., Bates numbering; WordList; et al.) are similar to some shipping macros but typically contain enhancements or addition features.

¤  About using these macros in some very early versions of WordPerfect:

WordPerfect 7: The author has never used WP7, having upgraded directly from version 6 to version 8. Therefore, while some macros on this site will work with WP7 (particularly earlier versions of an item or those designed for WP8/WP9 that use simple code or techniques), because of Corel changes to macro code, some will not, and there currently are no plans to make these work with WP7. Thanks go to Morgan T. Cirket for testing many items for compatibility with WP7; these items are designated with a "7" on the Library page to indicate they were tested successfully by at least one user.
WordPerfect 8: With respect to macros (only), the author no longer supports this version. While many macros created in a later version of WordPerfect -- including many on this website -- might work perfectly well in WordPerfect 8, there were some changes in the macro language (in WP9 and later) that sometimes prohibit backward compatibility. This is the reason you might see WP8 omitted from the compatibility list for some macros.
WordPerfect 11: The first release of WordPerfect 11 (i.e., as shown in Help>About WordPerfect...) had a serious problem with macros from any source (even those shipped by Corel). You should seriously consider updating that "build" of WordPerfect 11, as discussed here. None of the macros on this site (or anywhere else!) are guaranteed to work in that build, and some of Corel's Projects will fail, too.

¤  WordPerfect 10 (c.2001) templates (English versions) can be downloaded from Corel's FTP site at ftp://ftp.corel.com/pub/WordPerfect/wpwin/10/english/templates/ .

UPDATE 2021:

1. Access to the FTP site may require the use of a dedicated FTP program such as the free, open-source program, FileZilla.

2. Navigate to the above FTP site and download the single WP_10_Temp.zip file, which contains all WordPerfect 10 template Projects and related files.

3. Each template and a few related files for each template are found in a separate folder in that .zip file.

4. Open the desired folder.

Then use one of the following methods:

5a. For recent WordPerfect versions (e.g., WordPerfect 2020):

You should be able to just double-click on any .wpt file to open a new file based on that template.

5b.  [Original material:] For earlier WordPerfect versions (i.e., WordPerfect 11 and some later versions):

You may be able to use these WordPerfect 10 template Projects in later versions of WordPerfect.
For example, one WordPerfect 12 user asked Charles Rossiter (Corel C_Tech) how to do this with the WordPerfect 10 calendar project. (These can be dragged and dropped onto your computer from the Corel site.)

IMPORTANT: Be sure to substitute your current version number (e.g., 11, 13, 14, etc.) where you see "12" in the items below. Here's Charles's reply on 8/25/04:

"1. The WPWin10 projects require two additional files to be created in the WPWin12 template folder: uawp10en.dll and uawp10en.ast. These files MUST be [renamed] copies of uawp12en.dll and uawp12en.ast -- NOT the versions from the WPWin10 template folder.

[Simply make copies of these two WP-later-version-files in a temporary folder, then rename those copies with a "10" in their filenames, then copy the two renamed files into the WP-later-version template folder, alongside the newer (shipping) versions of these files.

For example, in WordPerfect X4 you should now have these four files in D:\Corel\WordPerfect Office X4\WordPerfect Office X4\Languages\EN\Template (assuming a typical installation, where D: = your installation drive): uawp10en.dll, uawp10en.ast, uawp14en.dll, and uawp14en.ast.]

2. Copy the WPWin10 template files (*.wpt and *.ast) to the WPWin12 template folder. [Note that each PerfectExpert Project is composed of two files, a .wpt file and a .ast file.]

3. Then search for the file, Projects.usr, for your WPWin12, and delete [or rename] it. [If this file does not yet exist anywhere on your system it will be created in the next step.]

4. Now when you next launch WPWin12 and do File, New from Project, the catalogue file Projects.Usr will be re-created and you will have access to the WPWin10 templates and Perfect Experts."

¤   Disclaimer, Copyright and Distribution of Materials, and Privacy Policy

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