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Macros, tips, and templates for Corel® WordPerfect® for Windows®
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Page updated Oct 18, 2013

WordPerfect Tips
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How familiar are you with WordPerfect? The tips on this site are for a wide range of people, from beginners to advanced users.

If you are new to the program you could start with learning about some of the basic features. See the section below about getting help.

Then you can browse various pages here and elsewhere. See the "Just browsing" section below. You can simply skip over the more advanced tips, methods, and procedures until you are more comfortable with the program.

Please note: 
This web site is not a WordPerfect program "Help Desk," nor is it affliated with Corel, Inc. Its purpose is to offer you some tools and tips for the program. If you have a problem with WordPerfect or need more help with its basic or advanced functions, please read this.
Microsoft Word user?

Migrating from Microsoft Word® to WordPerfect®?

See here for -

  • Basic differences between the two programs.
  • Setting up WordPerfect to be more familiar to Microsoft Word users (explains the Manual method and the Automatic [Workspace Manager] method).
  • Why some menu items, toolbar buttons, or shortcut keys might appear to be missing from your WordPerfect program.
  • Tips on applying fonts and other formatting to a WordPerfect document.

Need help with basic program features?

Need a User Guide? Reference book? Tutorial?
Retail (boxed or downloaded) versions of WordPerfect come with User Guides.

WordPerfect X5 and later editions have a new Reference Center (Help, Reference Center, WordPerfect section) that can display a PDF User Guide as well as tutorials, help topics, etc. (Much of the help in WPX5+ has been updated.)

WP12 - WPX4 users can also access Guides in PDF format from the Windows Start, All Programs, WordPerfect Office menu, but if yours does not have one you might be able to purchase one from Corel. See the Corel Support Database Answer ID 754347 for Customer Service telephone numbers.

Here are some tutorials and tips on the Corel site:

WordPerfect Office Tutorials

WordPerfect Office Tips & Tricks

Consider getting a good book on WordPerfect.

Third-party books on WordPerfect can be found on many online bookseller sites such as Amazon.com. Even those that were published for previous versions will be very useful if they are relatively recent, since most features still exist in later versions of the program.

Such books usually pay for themselves many times over by decreasing frustration and increasing productivity. You'll get "up to speed" much more quickly when you have a general overview and reference handy.

Tip: Microsoft Word users might want to read a short summary of the basic differences between Word and WordPerfect here. This small bit of information can save you a lot of time. The two programs are not mere clones of each other, so understanding the main differences between them will keep you from trying to do things the "wrong" way.

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¤  Before posting a question on WordPerfect Universe please read this post.

¤  For help with macros or merges -- their operations, features, and tips -- visit the Macros & Merges Forum on WordPerfect Universe.

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