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Page updated June 6, 2008

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Reinstalling WordPerfect 8 or WordPerfect 9+ on another computer:

Saving your custom settings

WP8: If you need to reinstall WordPerfect 8 and want to preserve custom settings, see Corel's Knowledge Base - Article ID 18326 - for the files you need to back up. If you are reinstalling WP8 on a Windows 98 or 98SE system, and get a Windows Messaging error during the installation, search for "Messaging" in Corel's Knowledge Base, under the WordPerfect 8 product category.

WP9+: Here's an annotated tip that Charles Rossiter, a Volunteer C_tech, posted on a Corel newsgroup (6/26/00) about reinstalling WordPerfect 9 on another computer and preserving your custom settings. After you install WP on the new computer, you simply copy certain template and user word list files (described below) that contain your custom settings from the old system to the new one. Before you do that, be sure to back up the newly installed versions of these files. Then you can overwrite the new versions with the versions from your old computer.

"The [custom] settings appear in various places:

Most are stored in your default template file [such as your Toolbars], usually called WP9xx.WPT, where xx is your language, such as US.

QuickCorrect entries are in [a file named WT9xx.UWL, usually found in the WPO2000 tree folder, C:\Program Files\Corel\Shared\Writing Tools\9.0\Corel User Files\.].

QuickWords are stored in the file QW9xx.WPT in the same folder as the default template -- in this case, xx is still the language but is "EN" for all 4 English language [versions].

Any macros you have written are likely to be in your default macro folder.

Your address book is best exported in .ABX format for re-importing.

The settings stored under Tools, Settings [on the WP9 main menu] are stored in the Windows registry. You have the choice of resetting these, of exporting the registry branch which lists these, or of recording a macro while you change, apply, and then change back each setting. This macro can then be run on a new PC or after re-installation."


The above information from Charles Rossiter applies to later versions of WordPerfect. Substitute the version number (e.g., 10,11) for the "9" in the filenames indicated.

If you are upgrading to WordPerfect Office 2000 (i.e., WP9) and want to preserve your old settings from a previous version of WP, read the Knowledge Base article 202299 on "Transition issues from WordPerfect 8 to WordPerfect Office 2000" under the WordPerfect 9 product category.

Also see "Preserving your settings...and your sanity," on Corel's OfficeCommunity, by Laura Acklen. (Highly recommended.)