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Page updated Jun 7, 2015

WordPerfect Tips
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Numbering things in WordPerfect

Important note:

Menu choices (and related keyboard shortcuts) mentioned in the material on this and other pages on this site generally refer to the WordPerfect menu. (Several menus are available. You can quickly see which one is currently active by right-clicking on the top menu bar.)

Furthermore, if you are using a WordPerfect program that was set up with Microsoft Word compatible menus, toolbars and/or keyboards -- called "Microsoft Word mode" -- you might find some program tips or advice on this site (or on other sites) puzzling if they refer to menu selections, toolbar buttons or keyboard shortcuts that seem to be absent from their referenced locations.

Rest assured, the underlying program features and functions activated by those "missing items" have not been removed from the program. They were merely hidden from view so that new users can operate in a more familiar environment. [See here for some tips and more information.]

If you can't find help in WordPerfect's Help modules [F1 key [Footnote 1] or the separate Help> Reference Center] then the information below -- some of it basic, some of it advanced -- might be useful.

Numbering pages

☼  Page Numbering in WordPerfect (links to these topics:)
  • Basic information for all users
  • WordPerfect Office tutorials on numbering pages, chapters, volumes, etc.
  • How to clear page numbering in a document to resolve page numbering issues
  • Getting the true page count
  • Numbering inside headers and/or footers
  • Alternating even/odd page numbers
  • Page numbering in (some) books
  • Page numbering using both Roman and Arabic numerals
  • Page numbers outside the page margin
  • How to create "Continued on page x" footers
  • Mixing landscape and portrait pages (with tips on numbering)
  • Mixing text justification on the same line (left-center-right) 
  • Merge tips for numbering multi-page documents
  • [Separate page:] Automatically set up "second pages" with "page identifiers" using Suppress and Delay codes [you can find both the macro and manual methods here]
Numbering paragraphs and other items 

☼  Automatic paragraph numbering with QuickBullets (+25 tips); includes this tip:
☼  Manually insert a paragraph number anywhere with <Ctrl+Shift+F5>
☼  Create and use automatically numbered outlines
☼  Create and use automatically numbered headings 
☼  Insert numbers anywhere with WordPerfect counters
☼  Footnote and endnote numbering tips plus several note format tips
☼  Numbering table rows with the QwikFill macro
☼  Numbering the lines inside WordPerfect columns 
☼  Number all (or some) graphics, equations, and text boxes with captions
☼  Create numbered labels or other items with the LablCopy macro
☼  Create Bates numbers with the Bates macro 
☼  Convert number codes or bullet codes to plain text 
☼  Sequentially number each saved version of a document with a macro

Numbering lines in a document

☼  Automatically number all lines of text outside page margins with Format> Line> Numbering
☼  Set up or modify legal Pleading pages 

Referencing page numbers in a document

☼  How to create a Table of Contents and/or a WordPerfect List
☼  How to index a document in WordPerfect
☼  How to fix or convert cross-reference numbers

Footnote 1

See the program's Help>Help Topics> Contents tab, under Editing and formatting documents > Numbering the parts of a document.