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Page updated June 22, 2008

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How WordPerfect finds a mailing address on your letter

WordPerfect follows a rule to find the recipient's address on a letter:

If no text is currently selected, it looks for the last block of three to six consecutive lines on page 1 that each end with a hard return (i.e., a [HRt] code), and are followed by a blank line ending with another [HRt].

For example (viewed in Reveal Codes):

John Q. Public[HRt]
123 Any Street[HRt]
Anytown, NY 99999[HRt]

If some text is selected first, WordPerfect will try to use that selection for the address.

Therefore, don't type a multi-line "letterhead" at the top of the first page, above the recipient's mailing address. If you do, WordPerfect might get confused. If you use such a "letterhead," use your mouse or keyboard to select the recipient's address first. A better solution is to put such multiple-line letterhead information inside a header, text box, or watermark.

Also, multiple "RE:" or "SUBJ:" lines below the recipient's address could be erroneously selected by the program instead of the address, since they might be the last block on the page that fits the rule. One solution for this problem is to get in the habit of using the Format, Paragraph, Indent feature instead of ending each reference or subject line with a [HRt]. These lines will then wrap to a single, terminal [HRt]. Another solution is noted above: select the recipient's address first.

Some related pages on this site:

  • Macros:
    • "Convert Address to Upper Case.wcm" is a macro that inserts a letter's mailing address (stripped of certain punctuation marks) in WordPerfect's Format, Envelope dialog in UPPER CASE letters, to conform with suggested postal service guidelines. It uses the above rule to automatically find the address on the current document, or you can select the address first.
    • "Select address.wcm" is primarily for macro writers. It simply selects the inside address in a letter if it is not already selected, and pops up a message dialog showing the address. It is based on the above rule (but it can copy up to eight address lines, not just the six lines specified by WordPerfect's rule).
      • Note: The Select address.wcm macro, as shipped, simply displays a dialog message. It should be modified to perform a more useful function according to your specific needs. It was included for macro writers who want to use a macro to perform some task using the address in a letter, such as copying the address to another page or document. Be sure to read the comments inside the macro.
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