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Barry MacDonnell's
Toolbox for WordPerfect

Macros, tips, and templates for Corel® WordPerfect® for Windows®
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Page updated Aug 3, 2021
WordPerfect Tips
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Several easy ways to play macros, load a favorite program/file/folder, use favorite features, and much more by...
Customizing WordPerfect

How to create or modify a
▸ toolbar

Also see the main tips page (here) and a list of related tips pages (here)
Customize a toolbar with new toolbar buttons

Create a new toolbar button to play a macro, load a program or a favorite file/folder, send keystrokes to the document, or use a built-in WordPerfect feature that might not already be on a toolbar or menu. [Plus related tips.]

Also -

•  How to customize property bars: Adding, deleting, copying, and moving buttons on the context-sensitive Property Bars

•  How to create a new, custom toolbar: Adding features, macros, and even external programs to a new toolbar; copying or moving toolbar buttons from one version of WordPerfect to another version, or from one toolbar to another toolbar; etc.

•  Drag-and-drop shortcut icons from the Windows desktop to WordPerfect's toolbar or a property bar

•  How to change (edit) the default ("audiocassette") icon images on the macro buttons on your toolbar

•  Help creating your own macros and templates

Customize a keyboard with new shortcut keys ("hot keys")

Assign a macro, feature, program, or string of keystrokes to a key or key combination (e.g., <Ctrl+1> or <Alt+Shft+m>). [Plus tips and examples.]

¤  Note that many things are already assigned to some key combinations -- mostly navigation, insert/delete, and select text features. For a list of the major (and some minor) keystroke "shortcuts" in WordPerfect for Windows, see WP_shortcut_keys.pdf.

¤  Advanced users: Make a key do "double duty" by assigning a macro to it, and make the macro play only if the key is struck multiple times (e.g., 2x, 4x, etc.)

Customize a menu with new selections

Add new menu selections (or submenus) to the WordPerfect menu bar to play a macro, use a feature, load a program/folder/file, etc. [Plus how to move, edit, or remove menu items.]

¤  While not a menu in the technical sense, you can create a vertical toolbar with text labels (instead of graphic icons) to quickly access your favorite folders, templates, and files. See How to Create a Vertical Toolbar with Text Buttons to Access Your Favorite Folders, Templates and Files (a PDF document; 145Kb).

¤  Create a "macro menu" to play other macros. See Mike Koenecke's MacroMenu.zip at http://www.macros.koenecke.us/. It uses a push-button display to make it easy to play any of your macros. User-customizable: Just open the macro for editing and replace the examples. Add your macro names to the first green-colored list, and the titles of the macros to the second green-colored list. (Note that the last item in each list does not terminate with a semicolon.) A second macro is included that allows choosing between playing the macro and editing it. You can play either macro from a toolbar button or keystroke combination (see sections above).

Customize a template to set up new documents

The default template: How to find it, modify it, or fix it.
The Additional Objects template: a second 'default template'.

Custom templates: Creating your own special purpose templates.

Customize a document with styles
About styles - types of styles - tips

Creating and applying custom text styles