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Page updated June 6, 2008

WordPerfect Tips
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Drawing down, up, or angled arrows (WordPerfect 8+)

To produce arrows that point in any direction (up, down, sideways, or any angle in between), try this:

Select Insert > Shape > Draw Line (WP8) or Insert > Shapes > Lines (WP9) from the main menu. Use the mouse to draw a vertical line (or a line in any direction) from the origin (such as a callout) to the destination. On the context-sensitive property bar that should now be displayed, click the Arrow End button (a small black square -- the 4th icon from the right). Select an arrowhead shape. Click outside the graphics box to return to your document.

Other buttons on the property bar allow you to set the arrow's color, line style and thickness, add a shadow, etc.

These arrows are particularly useful if used along with the TEXTBOX macro in the Library to draw labels that point to text or images.