"Operation SHUFLY" article in Leatherneck (April 2002 issue)

OPERATION SHUFLY was the first major deployment of the U.S. Marines into Vietnam (April 1962).

Photos in the article were taken by Cpl. Barry F. MacDonnell, USMC, while attached to OPERATION SHUFLY (Sub Unit #2, MABS-16, MAG-16, 1st MAW) in South Vietnam from late April to mid September, 1962. (Inset photo on page 39 was taken by a teammate.)

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Leatherneck Magazine has been published since 1917 and has a total readership of about 500,000. This issue also profiles the new Director of the F.B.I., Robert Mueller, a former Marine.

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 (Pgs. 36-37 are the centerfold in this issue.)

Pg. 36
Note the byline under the author's name. (Hey, a little bit of fame.) This "tent city" is where I lived for a time, so you can understand why I now prefer hotels.

Pg. 37
I had to hang out the door of the helicopter to get the bottom shot of the other helo. (We lost that van when the straps broke. Lost some good Scotch whisky inside it, too.)

Pg. 38

Pg. 39
Yes, that's me on the left, receiving a Meritorious Mast at Soc Trang airfield. I was just a little thinner then.
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