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Toolbox image Barry MacDonnell's
Toolbox for WordPerfect

Macros, tips, and templates for Corel® WordPerfect® for Windows®
© Copyright 1996-2022 by Barry MacDonnell. All Rights Reserved.

Page updated Dec 9, 2015


Introduction to the
Toolbox Library

Before you begin downloading items from the Library, you should read the following . . .
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New to WordPerfect? New to this site?
New to using macros ... or new to Windows versions of macros?

What is a macro?

A macro is a WordPerfect file with a ".wcm" filename extension.

It contains a series of commands that perform one or more tasks in a robot-like fashion whenever you play the macro (with Tools, Macro, Play or the equivalent shortcut key).

With some exceptions, the commands inside a macro file imitate what you could do using your mouse and/or keyboard, if you recorded each step. (The exceptions involve commands that cannot be recorded or that involve logic or branching operations.)

Note that a macro file can be opened, viewed, and edited like an ordinary document, but the best way to view or edit its contents is with Tools, Macro, Edit.

Most of the time, you need not be concerned with a macro's internal commands, unless you are interested in learning to write or edit your own macros; however, many of the macros on this site have additional information or instructions at the top of the main macro code that is directed at you, the typical user. (There may also be a redlined section in the macro's code that you can modify, something usually called the "User Modification Area.") Simply follow the instructions to modify various macro defaults, such as initial menu choices or initial values for the macro to use when it processes a document. Then you can click the Save & Compile button on the Macro Property Bar to save your edits.

How to use the macros on this site

How to download macros, where to put them, and how to use them.


Most macros on this site include comments, instructions, or tips about their operation. You'll generally find them on the macro's download page, and/or in a separate document inside the downloadable ZIP file. [More on ZIP files.] They also are found at the top of the macro's code, in the form of ordinary text comments. (See previous column.)

Be sure to also read the information in the next section below.


☼  Want to play macros more easily? You can assign a macro to a keystroke combination, menu selection, or toolbar button (or property bar button) for quick and easy access. See here.

☼  Need help learning to create your own macros or templates? See here.

There can be important differences between versions of WordPerfect.

You should know your specific WordPerfect "build number" before downloading macros from this site.

¤  To find your build number: Look in WordPerfect's Help menu, and click "About WordPerfect". You will see a four-digit number, such as or The first part of the number is the major version (WordPerfect 9, WordPerfect X3, etc.); the last three-digit part is the minor version number or "build".

¤  Compatibility: Corel occasionally removes, changes, or adds macro commands and this can affect the way a given macro can function if played in another (usually, earlier) version. This site has notations about version compatibility posted on the main Library's contents page as well as on some macro download pages. Typically, if a macro is played in an incompatible version of WordPerfect, a message will pop up to let you know, and the macro will then terminate.

¤  Note also: This number can be critical information for troubleshooting problems here and on various WordPerfect internet support sites such as WordPerfect Universe or Corel's OfficeCommunity.

¤  Is your WordPerfect up to date? See Corel's Support tab ("Patches & Updates") on their main site at Or see What "version" of WordPerfect do I have; what updates are available for my version? in the FAQ Forum at WordPerfect Universe; it has information on earlier versions of the program.

Playing macros in WordPerfect (the original release) and then playing them again in (a.k.a. "Service Pack 1") or higher build of WordPerfect 11 can produce problems ... and even some Corel shipping macros and Project template macros are at risk of failure in later builds of WordPerfect 11. Here's what you should do.

Should you enable the "Use WordPerfect 9 text selection" setting in WordPerfect 10 and later versions? Here's a discussion of the issues and potential problems, and some macro solutions.

Corel's "error" messages in WordPerfect and some later versions about "obsolete" macro commands are just warnings. Here's why - and some replacement commands to use.

Using Windows Vista? See the note here on the Home page.

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