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Barry MacDonnell's
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Page updated Aug 23, 2020

WP-FKEYS - A modifiable WordPerfect "template" of Function Key assignments

Download WP-FKEYS.ZIP (Version 1.0; 08/01/18; 3,168 bytes)

[Replaces an early version created in WP9, 2/7/00; 4,589 bytes]

Downloading, Documentation, Modifications, and Support

This is a WordPerfect "template" of the default Function key assignments (F1-F12) in the standard WPWin keyboard, in the form of a simple .WPD file.

[See also the Update at the bottom of this page for a new Corel macro to do this in a single operation.]

Note that this is not a typical WordPerfect template file (*.WPT) -- it is simply a standard WPD document (8.5"x11") in portrait format containing two tables (F1-F6 and F7-F12) that you can print out and tape to the wall, or open when needed with a shortcut key (e.g., see "Add a specific folder or file to any visible toolbar" here).

Users of the WordPerfect DOS keyboard can modify the document's table to suit their needs.

Users of WordPerfect 10 and later versions can print out the shortcut key list for all keyboard key assignments (F-keys and other keys) for their current installation:

•  Click on Tools, Settings, Customize, Keyboards tab.
•  Click once on the keyboard layout that you want to print. [Tip: The current keyboard layout is listed at the bottom of this dialog box.]
•  Click Edit, Print Report...
•  Select the desired printer and click on Print.

You can always add or modify keyboard assignments. See this site's tip page at  wptoolbox.com/tips/Assign.html.

- - - - -

Update: Included with WordPerfect X8 (released in 2016) and later versions is a new Corel macro: CreateFunctionKeyTemplate.wcm located in your Default macros folder. This displays a small dialog of options and then creates a printable landscape-oriented table of the current keyboard's Function keys assignments. To play it just use Tools, Macro, Play and type its name.

Tip: In 2020 a
WordPerfect Universe member ("radiorog") posted 2 macros (here) to display the current keyboard's Function key assignments on screen in either Tall or Wide formats.