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Barry MacDonnell's
Toolbox for WordPerfect

Macros, tips, and templates for Corel® WordPerfect® for Windows®
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Page updated Sep 2, 2009

LOCKTEXT - Lock text together (i.e., block protect selected words with a mouseclick)

Download LOCKTEXT.ZIP (08/20/04; 2,455 bytes)

Compatible with WordPerfect 6 and later versions

WordPerfect 11 users: See important information about using macros in the first release of WP11 ( at the top of this page.

Downloading, Documentation, Modifications, and Support

A macro to quickly lock selected text together on the same page. Easier than clicking Format(or Layout) > Page > Keep Text Together > Block Protect.

NOTE: If you have WP8 or later, you can enable a bulit-in toolbar button to do the same thing. Right click the toolbar, and select Edit to bring up the Toolbar Editor. Under the Features tab, in the "Feature categories" drop list, select Format. Then in the bottom Features list, select Block Protect and click the Add button. A new icon will appear on your toolbar; drag it into a new position if desired. Click OK when finished.

See also Block Protect Styles - a macro that adds block protection to all user-specified or default paragraph styles (e.g., Headings) in a document, to keep the style and the next two lines of body text together on the same page.