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Page updated Apr 25, 2016

LETRBOX - Enclose single characters (letters, numbers, or symbols) in boxes

Download LETRBOX.ZIP (08/20/04; 12,178 bytes (2 macros enclosed))

Compatible with WordPerfect 8 and later versions

WordPerfect 11 users: See important information about using macros in the first release of WP11 ( at the top of this page.

Downloading, Documentation, Modifications, and Support

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Two simple macros that create a small box with rounded corners around a letter, number, or other character -- including symbols.



The macros can be used for headings, illustrations, instructions, telephone directories, in the headers/footers of catalogs, and even within a text line -- anywhere special characters or unique numbering are desired.


Place your cursor after the character you want to "box," and play LETRBOX or LETRBOXR. See the comments at the top of the macro code for more information. LETRBOXR.WCM draws a reverse-color box (white-on-black). [Also see TEXTBOX.]


The macro first selects the character just to the left of the current insertion point, then cuts the selected character to the clipboard. It then creates a text box, pastes the character into it (center justified, small font), adjusts the text box's parameters (including its position as a character on the page), and then uses cut-and-paste to place the text box itself back at the original insertion point in the document.

A small rectangular box, with minimum inside and outside box spacing, was used instead of a circle around the selected character to minimize the influence the box may have on adjacent lines of text.

You can edit the box to add more characters.

Note that the macro works well for boxing text or symbols up to about 20 points or so. Larger characters may require you to adjust the box's width dimension in the macro's code.

TIP: Once you create a text box with this macro, you can change the background and text color. The simple steps below are designed for WordPerfect 9, but the procedure should work with WP8. (Thanks to Margret Dunfee for this idea.)

1. Create a boxed number or letter with Letrbox.wcm.

2. To change the background color of the text box: Right click the text box, and choose Select Box from the drop down context menu. Eight small, solid black drag handles appear around the text box. On the Graphics Property Bar that is now displayed, click the Box Fill button, then the More button on the pop up dialog window. Under the Fill tab on the next window, click the solid black (i.e., 100% fill) style pattern and set the foreground to a desired color (e.g., bright red). Click OK to exit the dialog box. You should now be back at the main document screen.

3. To change the color of the text character itself: Right click the text box, and choose Content, then Edit, from the drop down menu. Once the cursor is inside the text box, select the character. Click Format, then Font, from the main menu. Select a desirable Color and (optionally) its Appearance. Click OK.

4. To remove the border from the box: Right click the text box, choose Border/Fill, and turn Line Style off.