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Page updated Sep 2, 2009

INDENT - Indent WP6x paragraphs with a mouseclick

Download INDENT.ZIP (9/26/96; 12,379 bytes)

For WordPerfect 6,7 only

Downloading, Documentation, Modifications, and Support

Three WordPerfect 6.x macros to simulate WordPerfect 7.0/8.0's one-click paragraph indenting found in the new QuickSpot(tm) feature. Contains IND_LEFT (one tab stop from the left), IND_BOTH (double indent, i.e., one tab stop left and right), and IND_HANG (hanging indent, i.e., indent all but the first line). You now can place the cursor anywhere in the paragraph and click a button for instant indenting. (If you are industrious, you could combine other features found in WP7's QuickSpots into a single pop up dialog for WordPerfect 6.x users. WP6 already has them as toolbar, button bar, power bar or menu items.)