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Page updated Apr 1, 2013

File Lister - Lists all specified file types found in a folder (and optionally, all sub-folders) in a new document window

Download FILELISTER.ZIP (v1.0; 06/14/09; 18,935 bytes)

Compatible with WordPerfect 9 and later versions

WordPerfect 11 users: See important information about using macros in the first release of WP11 ( at the top of this page.

Downloading, Documentation, Modifications, and Support



This WordPerfect 9 (and later version) macro finds all files of a given type (or all files) found in a specified directory/folder (optionally including subfolders), and then types a list of them into a separate document window.

Usually, these are .WPD files, but you can specify other file types—.DOC, .WCM, .RTF, etc.—from a menu drop list, including <all> file types.

See screen shot of macro's menu.

Notes and Limitations

You can modify the default values displayed on the macro's menu. You can change them in the redlined User Modification Area in the macro's code.

The macro will not list files marked with the Hidden/System attributes.

The macro can process up to 10,000 files of all types. To change this number you will need to modify the appropriate macro commands in the processing section of the code.


You can also print a list of files using WordPerfect's File, Open (or Save), then -- on the top menu of that dialog -- use File, Print File List.

However, unlike the File Lister macro above, you cannot choose a particular file type by its filename extension, but this method might be useful to some people. 

See a screen shot of this WordPerfect option. [Note that if the top menu in the dialog is not visible, you must have the Enhanced File Dialogs option enabled (i.e., turned On) with Tools, Settings, Files, "Use enhanced file dialogs."  Then you can click on the small icon on the extreme right side of the dialog shown in the screen shot above to toggle the dialog's menu On (if it is Off).]