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Barry MacDonnell's
Toolbox for WordPerfect

Macros, tips, and templates for Corel® WordPerfect® for Windows®
© Copyright 1996-2021 by Barry MacDonnell. All Rights Reserved.

Page updated Oct 31, 2013

Several "faxing macros" to -

  • produce fax cover sheets
  • produce small "sticky note"-type fax transmittal boxes on your current document
  • directly fax your document from inside WordPerfect using your preferred fax software (and return your printer driver to the default)
  • flip one or more fax pages (received images) vertically 180 degrees in case the sender sent them upside down


☼  Recent versions of Windows have a built-in fax feature. In recent versions of WordPerfect, you can use File, Send To, Fax recipient to send a fax. (You will need a fax modem built in or connected to your computer, or a fax server on your network, to send a fax.)

☼  To play these macros quickly and easily, see here.

Download FAXIT.ZIP (6 macros plus Readme.txt; 06/17/11; 51,128 bytes)

Compatible with WordPerfect 6 and later versions (except FaxCover which is compatible with WP9 and later versions only)

Versions of FaxBox and FaxIt are included for WordPerfect 6/7 and WordPerfect 8/9/10/11/12 (WordPerfect X3 has been reported to NOT work with the WinFax software program, so the FaxIt macro will not work with WinFax, either, if played in WPX3+.)

FaxFlip works under WordPerfect 8 and later versions but has not been tested under WP7 or earlier versions.

WordPerfect 11 users: See important information about using macros in the first release of WP11 ( at the top of this page.

Downloading, Documentation, Modifications, and Support

Blue dot FAXCOVER.WCM (v1.07; Updated 06/17/11) is a WP9 and later version macro that creates a Fax cover page from a pop up dialog. The cover page can be created in a new window or at the top of the current window to make it easy to fax everything directly from your computer.

Several formatting options are available from the opening menu. Default menu choices, name and address entries, date formats, legal notices, etc., can be set in the User Modification Area of the macro's code. (Simply open the macro to edit it, make your changes according to the instructions at the top, and then click on the Save & Compile button.)

FAXCOVER's input dialog window
The resulting fax cover sheet

Tip: See also Memo, a macro that operates in a similar manner to produce a memorandum page.

Tip: Instead of using the FaxCover macro, if you just want to create a simple cover sheet with several "fill-in" areas, you could use a WordPerfect table (which is what the macro uses) with most borders turned off and with all cells locked except the fill-in cells. You can then use <Tab> or <Shift+Tab> to navigate between the unlocked cells and type data into them. See "Locking and unlocking table cells". You can also load such a table quickly and easily if you create an example of it first, and then select it (including the beginning and ending [Tbl] codes) and turn it into a QuickWord.

Blue dot FAXBOX.WCM (v1.01) places a small graphics box on the top right-hand side of the first page (the box can be repositioned), similar to a Post-It(TM) fax transmittal sticker. See notes at the top of the macro. Useful when a standard cover page isn't needed but some identification of the fax is desired.

WordPerfect 9/10/11 users can use FAXBOX9.WCM. Users of earlier versions (WP6/7) can use FAXBOX6.WCM.

FAXBOX on a sample document

Blue dot FAXIT.WCM faxes the current document via WinFax Pro (or any other faxing software), then resets the printer driver back to what it was before faxing. The one-click answer to faxing from within WordPerfect. (No menu will appear; just play the macro after you have customized it.)

Important: See the notes in the macro's code for an easy, one-line customization to make Faxit work with your own (installed) faxing software. (WordPerfect X3 has been reported to NOT work with the WinFax software program, so this macro will not work with WindFax, either, if played in WPX3.) Just open the macro as you would any document, make your changes according to the instructions, and then click the Save & Compile button on the Macro Toolbar.

Alternative macro: Klaus Pfeiffer has posted a great macro (free download) on WordPerfect Universe that pops up a dialog to let you temporarily select another "printer" before faxing the current document, or before printing the document (or envelope) to another printer. It then automatically restores WordPerfect to your default printer driver. For WP8 and later versions. See here for the download.

Blue dot FAXFLIP.WCM (v1.02) vertically rotates the contents of graphic image boxes 180 degrees (flips images top to bottom). Useful to rotate fax images, etc., inserted in a WordPerfect document.

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