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Barry MacDonnell's
Toolbox for WordPerfect

Macros, tips, and templates for Corel® WordPerfect® for Windows®
© Copyright 1996-2022 by Barry MacDonnell. All Rights Reserved.

Page updated June 20, 2015

Important notes about macros for users of
WordPerfect (WP9 service pack 4) and later versions

Are you getting an error message about "obsolete" commands the first time you play (or compile) a macro?

Older macros on this site, and perhaps on many other sites, may contain obsolete but still valid commands which, if the macro is played or edited for the first time in WordPerfect 9 (service pack 4, a/k/a version or WordPerfect 10, will give a warning message. Corel implemented this warning message in WP9/SP4.

Information markTHIS IS A HARMLESS MESSAGE AND NOT A "BUG." The message can be dismissed by clicking on "Continue compilation" or similar button. You can simply continue the automatic compilation, and the macro should perform as before. And you won't see these messages ever again unless the macro gets changed.

[PROGRAMMER'S NOTE: The warning dialog can be turned off permanently in the settings of the PerfectScript utility (in the Utilities folder where WordPerfect Office was installed), on the "Compile" page. However, the warning serves as a reminder of the obsolete features, and that now is the time to do something about it. For this reason, you may want to keep it active.]

If you use some of the older macros on this site in a newer version of WP you may still see the warning message at least once. The reason is that I may have not been able or willing to replace some older "obsolete" commands such as those listed below.


Old ("obsolete") command Replacement command
Click here for more information and example code

Therefore, you may still get a warning message about these commands the first time you play the macro in the newer version of WP. Just dismiss the warning message and continue to recompile the macro.

Once these commands are finally removed by Corel in some future version of WordPerfect, the macro will not compile under that version and will not play under it. [Sorry, but this is a decision that will be made by Corel, not by me.] Use the replacement code from the link above.

Information markPerhaps one of the most frequent causes of this message may be a macro whose first line reads:

Application (A1; "WordPerfect"; Default; "US")
    - instead of -
Application (A1; "WordPerfect"; Default; "EN")

The language code "US" was replaced by "EN" in WordPerfect 8. In this example, you can edit the macro and make the change or, as noted above, just click Continue when you see the error message.

Tip: If you have only one language version of Corel Office programs on your system, you can simply delete the last semicolon and language code, like this:  

Application (A1; "WordPerfect"; Default)

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