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Barry MacDonnell's
Toolbox for WordPerfect

Macros, tips, and templates for Corel® WordPerfect® for Windows®
© Copyright 1996-2022 by Barry MacDonnell. All Rights Reserved.

Page updated Aug 4, 2020

Got a problem? Need more help?

Here are some general tips
when you have problems or are seeking information about how to do something in WordPerfect and have not had any luck using the program's built in Help (F1 key).
Quick links (Toolbox for WordPerfect)

•  Not familiar with WordPerfect? (Or even if you are ...)

¤  For general help with the program and some resources, see here.

¤  For tips and tricks see the main tips page, and a list of other tips pages.

¤  For macros ("apps" or "add ons") and related downloadable materials, see the Library.

•  Some resources on this site to help find and fix problems:

¤  RepairDocs.html - Repairing WordPerfect documents and templates. (Most problems fall into this category. Therefore, this linked page gives a comprehensive troubleshooting path you can use to find and fix the majority of problems you might encounter.)

¤  BadFiles.html - Repairing 'bad' or damaged WordPerfect program files.

¤  PrnProbs.html - Printer and fax formatting problems.

¤  You can search this site several ways.

- search for items on the main tips page -- or any web page -- using your browser's "Find" function (typically, <Ctrl+F>).

- search for items on all pages on this site with the "Search this site..." field at the top of the main pages (linked on the navigation bar above). Use just the words or phrases you might expect to appear on a page containing a tip, solution, resource, etc.

- search this site with Google in a Google search field:
site:wptoolbox.com followed by your keyword search terms. (You can also use a Google Advanced Search.)

¤  See also the "Help from other WordPerfect sites" section below.

About this site

•  This website is not a WordPerfect program "Help Desk," nor is it affliated with Corel. Its purpose is to offer you some tips and tools (e.g., macros, templates) when using the program.

•  If you have a problem with WordPerfect or need more help with its basic functions, see the Quick Links above and the material below.

Help from other WordPerfect sites

1. The very first thing to do is to determine the "build number" or "release" of WordPerfect - and the edition - that you have.

  • Look in WordPerfect's Help menu, and click "About WordPerfect". You will see a four-digit number like or The first part of the number is the major version number (here, WordPerfect X6 and WordPerfect 2020); the last 3-digit part is the minor version number, or specific build.

    This information makes troubleshooting much more effective and is sometimes indispensable since some suggestions or solutions work only in specific versions or builds of the program.

    Tip: To find out which updates are available for the current and previous program version, see the Corel site's Support tab (Download - Patches and Updates link) here. To find out about  updates for older versions see the WordPerfect Universe
    FAQ here.

  • For troubleshooting purposes it is often helpful to know your edition of WordPerfect: Standard, Professional, Student & Teacher, Home & Student, Small Business, Family Pack, Trial, OEM, etc.

    Different editions might omit some third-party features
    . This is sometimes the cause of an apparent "problem."

    To find out which edition you have, see the file, Volinfo.txt, in the root directory of your installation CD. Then you can see
    here for more information about your version, etc.
2. Then try these resources:

•  WordPerfect Universe at https://www.wpuniverse.com (WPU). Many WordPerfect experts volunteer their help on this very active site. It does not require a subscription -- it's free to join and participate.

If you are not already registered, click the Register button at the top of the above-linked page. [...More]

WPU has several forums -- "How Do I"; "Macros & Merges"; Troubleshooting"; "FAQ..."; "Networking"; etc., so choose the most likely one. Each forum has a posted purpose on the Forums page, and it's important to try to use the appropriate one so that experts who visit will see your post.

After you join you can post a message with a simple and concise subject line.

It is rare to have to wait more than a few hours for a reply to a post.

    • Browse a few of the WPU forums to get a feel for the place. You can log in as a guest to post a question but I think you'll immediately see the value of the site and join as a regular member. (At the top of most of the forums is a Tips thread which helps new visitors get the most from the WPU site.)

    • Before posting, be sure to complete your profile in the Member's Center at WPU so that it shows your operating system (e.g., Windows 7, which you can abbreviate to Win7) and specific version and build of WordPerfect (as discussed above). This will display that information under your name in your posts, and it is often the first thing experts look at before offering a suggestion or solution.
•  Corel's user support group, Office Community, at OfficeCommunity.com.

You might also want to search Corel's Knowledgebase. Sometimes the problem or procedure has been reported to Corel and a document exists in their database.

•  You can use Google.

Try a basic Google search using its similar words finder. For example, "wordperfect ~help" (notice the tilde, ~) brings up various help and support sites. See here for some basic search tips and here for more advanced search tips.