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Page updated Mar 1, 2015

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Endnote Tips -

How to place endnotes at the end of each chapter, subdocument, or other section (or any place you want them), instead of at the very end of the document

How to combine several files that contain endnotes (see here)

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Footnotes and Endnotes: Setting or changing margins, numbers, font sizes, tabs and other formatting in WordPerfect notes

Placement of endnotes (i.e., their position in the document)

Important notes

¤  The following menu choices refer to the <WordPerfect> menu (right-click on the top menu bar for a choice of menu). If you use a <Microsoft Word> menu, the choices might be absent from your menu (but not from the program), or they might be found under another menu selection. See here for more.

¤  Note also that you should exit from editing any Endnotes before using these methods. To do so, simply (1) click anywhere in the body text area of the document, or (2) use the Close button on the Endnotes property bar, or (3) use File, Close. [Endnotes (and footnotes) are separate "document substructures." Any of these methods should get you back to the main document.]

First, you must have a document that already has some endnotes in it. Then choose one of the following methods to position those endnotes.

Method 1: Use WordPerfect menu selections to place endnotes at the end of a chapter, subdocument, or other section. This restarts endnote numbering with "Endnote 1" in each chapter or section.

At the end of each chapter or subdocument's body text (normally, this is just before a hard page break [HPg]), click on Insert, Footnote/Endnote; then click on Endnote Placement button and select the choice to put them at the insertion point and restart numbering (in WP9: "Insert endnotes at insertion point and restart numbering"); click OK, then Close, to return to the document. You may need to delete a blank page following each chapter's endnotes that WordPerfect may insert while using this method.

Notes: (1) If you later delete or add endnotes to the chapter, the notes will re-number automatically. (2) If the last body text in the chapter is enclosed in a paragraph style, you may need to manually insert a hard page break (Ctrl+Enter) following the paragraph style's ending code before using this method.

Method 2: Use WordPerfect menu selections to place endnotes before a bibliography or other end matter in the document. This maintains the same endnote numbering as existed before the relocation of the endnotes.

Place your cursor before the bibliography or other end matter, click on Insert, Footnote/Endnote, then choose the Endnote Number radio button. Just under that radio button is a pushbutton, "Endnote Placement." Click it and choose "Insert endnotes at insertion point." Click OK, then Close to return to the document.

You may have to add/delete some hard returns, hard page breaks, or other codes to tidy up. (Open Reveal Codes to help to find any errant codes.)

WP7 users: The process in Method 1 and Method 2 is similar, but the actual menu sections are slightly different from those in WP8/Wp9.

Method 3: Use a macro such as NOTE2TXT.WCM to convert endnotes to ordinary text, then paste the notes at the end of the appropriate chapters or before a bibliography or other end matter.

NOTE2TXT is a macro to convert Footnotes or Endnotes to ordinary (bracketed) text at the original location of the note numbers in the document. An option allows placing the converted notes in a separate document, where they can be formatted, copied to another location such as the end of individual chapters, etc.

Combining "endnoted" documents

Assume you have several documents, some (or all) of which contain their own endnotes. You can combine them into one document with Insert>File and have all endnotes appear at the end of the combined document.

Start with the first document, and put your cursor at the very end. Look in Reveal Codes to be sure you are at the end of the document's body text, not inside an endnote or footnote or other substructure. If the cursor is properly positioned, in Reveal Codes you will see nothing to the right of the RC cursor ... just blank space.

Then create a new blank page or two (with Ctrl+Enter). The endnotes for the first doc should now be at the very end, pushed down on to a new page.

Now, move the cursor back up onto the intervening blank page and do Insert>File to insert the second file. The second file comes in and all endnotes (for both the first document and second document) should appear at the end, properly renumbered.

Repeat for subsequent document.


See MAKESUBS - A WordPerfect 9+ macro that inserts multiple files (e.g., book chapters) into the current (master) document as subdocuments.