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Page updated June 1, 2013

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Does the Document Review dialog box keep coming up even after you are finished reviewing the document (with File, Document, Review)? Here's how to stop it.

A user asked:

"Once you make reviewer edits to a document (via the Document Review option), you are stuck in review mode forever. Every time you open the document thereafter, a dialog box pops up, asking you if you are an author or a reviewer. I want to get my document back to normal!" (Corel WP Office 2002 newsgroup, 01/21/03)

Another asked:

"... we are using Review for tracking changes ... how do you get rid of this Review dialog box when you are finished using this feature? Everytime we open this document this Review box pops up." (WordPerfect Universe, 09/12/02)

Try one of these solutions:

Solution 1:

  • Open the reviewed document as the Author;
  • accept or reject all changes (i.e., insertions or deletions);
  • after accepting or rejecting all changes, click the [Close] button on the Review property bar;
  • re-save the document;
  • re-open it.

Solution 2:

  • Or, as Charles Rossiter (Corel C_Tech) suggested on Corel's WordPerfect Office 11 newsgroup (10/27/03):
    • Assuming there are no Review annotations [i.e., insertions or deletions] to be accepted or rejected [you can use Reveal Codes to verify this; be sure to also search for them in footnotes, endnotes, headers, footers, text boxes, etc.],
    • add and delete a space in the text;
    • press the Close button on the review bar;
    • re-save the document; then
    • re-open it.

If neither of the above solutions works, try this:

Solution 3:

  • Open the reviewed document;
  • click Edit, Select, All;
  • copy the selection to the clipboard with Ctrl+C;
  • close the reviewed document;
  • in a new (empty) document, paste the slection with Ctrl+V;
  • either save this new document with the same name as the original, overwriting it, or save it with a different name;
  • close the newly saved document.

Test: Open the newly saved document. The Review Document dialog should not appear. Reviewer's/Author's comments and added changes should appear as normal text.

See also the macro below, which automates the first five steps.

If Solution 3 does not work:

Solution 4: Alternative to Solution 3:

Convert your document in a format that does not support Document Review.

According to the Corel Support side: "A good format to export this file as would be Rich Text Format (RTF) or WP5.1/5.2. The document will not be in review mode when you open it. The reviewer's remarks are lost because the added text (red) and the deleted text (strikethrough) revert to regular text. Once opened, you can re-save the document as a standard WordPerfect Document (WPD)."


Here's a macro that will do Steps 1-5 in Solution 3 above. See instructions below the macro.

// PURPOSE: Removes the "Review Document" dialog that pops up when opening a document that has been previously reviewed with File, Document, Review.


Messagebox(vAns;"";"Remove the 'Review Document' dialog that pops up when opening this" +NToC(0F90Ah)+ "document if it has been previously reviewed with File, Document, Review?" ; OKCancel!)

if(vAns=2) Quit Endif

// First, exit from any header, note, box, etc. -
While (?Substructure or ?GraphicSelected)
If ((vSubDoc=10) or (vSubDoc=11))
BoxEnd (Save!)

// Store the current file's path and name -
vPathname:=?Path + ?Name

SelectAll // Select everything in the doc
EditCopy // Copy the selection
Close // Close the current file

// If the (now) current document has something in it (i.e., it's not blank)...
If(NOT ?DocBlank)
FileNew() // ...open a new doc window
EditPaste // Paste the selection into the new doc


// Save the "host" file using the same name
// (an alternative is to use the FileSaveAsDlg() command,
// which will prompt to save using a different name) -


Messagebox(;"Finished";"The current file has been resaved to disk.")


// End of macro code

To copy this macro code into WordPerfect, select all code lines from beginning to end, and copy the selection to the Windows clipboard with Ctrl+C or Edit, Copy. Next, open a blank document in WordPerfect and click on Tools, Macro, Macro Toolbar to display the Macro Toolbar. Position your cursor after any codes in Reveal Codes, and click on Edit, Paste Special, Unformatted Text to paste the macro code into the WP document.

Be sure to check for long lines that may have been wrapped into two or more lines with a hard return (HRt) between them; remove the hard return(s) to "glue" the lines back together.

Save it with the Save & Compile button on the Macro Toolbar. This will save it to your default macros folder.